Arum OKs Pacquiao’s self-rehab



Top Rank Promotion boss Bob Arum has approved of Manny Pacquiao’s self-rehabilitation of his right shoulder.

“It is fine with me if he’s not going to be here in the US at the end of the month because the doctor was amazed when he watched the three-minute self-rehab video of Manny,” Arum, 83, told The Manila Times on Wednesday in a phone interview.

Arum, who reprimanded Pacquiao earlier for skipping his rehab scheduled July 1 to 4 said that he’s just going to send a doctor in the Philippines to evaluate the boxer’s injury.

“A doctor will go there in the Philippines in the next couple of weeks to evaluate Manny’s shoulder and I’m really optimistic about it,” he added. “I cannot say anything yet about his next fight since he is not yet healed.”

Pacquiao, 36, who lost to unbeaten Floyd Mayweather Jr. via unanimous decision in May suffered a rotator cuff injury. The Saranggani lawmaker said that he could now move his arm without feeling any pain.

Pacquiao is expected to be able to fight again on April or May next year.


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  1. How can u set up your punch if u’r opponent keep running around the ring n hagging. Doesn’t fight Mano n Mano. Try dwts is good. Parkman need remach how that capiz.

  2. At first I myself declared floyd won but after watching the slow mo several times and without the commentators influencing me, pacquiao clearly lead 3 out of 5 in punch stats and won 8 of the 12 rounds. compubox stats is nothing but a couple of men watching and pressing buttons tallying the punches as they see them …just like us watching it

  3. who’s fakimg eh… H UGO…. for as far as the PACMANs camp is cu3ncerned the one who is faking here actually is FLOYDIE ….and that the reasons on why FLOYDIE WAS WINNING IN THE SCORECARD S OF THE T
    HREE (3) BLIND MICE… WHICH IS THE REASONS the PACMAN LOST is because of the “HOODLUMS IN THE ROBES” Wherein Which they simply disguised themselves as a JUDGE…. hehehe…..

  4. Maybe it’s Mommy Dionisia who’s playing doktor doktoran to Son Manny. What a phoney!! 18 years Floyd has been playing and boxing his style. Twas Manny and Roach boasting they would knockout Floyd. Then he should have stepped up! Where was Roach boast that Manny is stronger and faster? You guys wake up! He duped us all for MONEY.

  5. johnny villanueva on

    Yes You are right pacquiao didn’t lose to mayweather he was defeated by three judge’s these three stupid judge’s must face suspension and will not be allowed to judge again…

  6. Mr. Arum: I hope you’ve read Mr. Malinowski’s suggestion or advice for You & Manny to initiate suing Malignaggi for defamation of Manny’s character like what the Mayweathers and De La Hoyas accusations to the Pacman that he was juicing. Thank you.