• Arum predicts KO win for Pacquiao

    Manny Pacquiao (left) and Bob Arum AFP FILE PHOTOS

    Manny Pacquiao (left) and Bob Arum AFP FILE PHOTOS

    TOP Rank Promotion head Bob Arum believes that Manny Pacquiao (57-5-2 win-loss-draw record with 38 knockouts) would knock out undefeated American Floyd Mayweather Jr. (47-0 record with 26 knockouts) between six to eight rounds of their mega bout on May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    “Between six to eight rounds, Mayweather will be knocked out by Pacquiao,” Arum told The Manila Times in a telephone interview on Monday. “I truly believe that Pacquiao will devastate Floyd on May 2 and that’s for sure.”

    Mayweather, who turns 38 today, has already signed the contract for the much-awaited fight on Friday (Saturday morning in Manila). He holds the World Boxing Council and World Boxing Association welterweight belts while Pacquiao is the current World Boxing Organization welterweight champion.

    “It will be a classic and exciting fight. I’m very confident of Manny’s determination. He really wanted this fight a long, long time ago and now it is going to happen,” Arum added. “Pacquiao is preparing so hard right now to be in good fighting condition.”

    Pacquiao had already started light training two weeks ago in General Santos under assistant trainer and dietician Nonoy Neri even before Mayweather made an announcement that the fight is on via social media.

    Pacquiao and his team are scheduled to leave the country for Los Angeles, California on March 8 or 9. Pacman will remain in the United States until and after the May 2 fight.

    Meanwhile, Mayweather’s father and trainer Floyd Sr. said that he is certain that his son would beat Pacquiao.

    “This is going to be a one-sided deal, man,” Floyd Sr. told reporter Ben Thompson of fighthype.com. “Pacman gets his ass whooped, simple! I’m just telling you what it is.”

    “Everybody all hyped and geeked, they will see how easy this fight is going to be,” he added. “I’m just telling you right now and I’m saying this right now, ain’t no way he can whoop Floyd. That’s that. He can forget it. He can bite the bone because that’s what he’s going to do; hit the ground.”

    Mayweather is assured to get at least $120 million while Pacquiao will receive a minimum of $80 million based on their 60-40 fight purse deal. Among boxing aficionados, Pacquiao is now an underdog 1 – 2 + against Mayweather.

    But Pacquiao’s archrival Juan Manuel Marquez and his trainer Nacho Beristain are placing their bets on the Filipino ring icon.

    “It’s a very dangerous fight [for Mayweather], because he has not faced any opponent with the speed or aggression of Pacquiao, and in this case also with power. Mayweather has not faced an opponent with these characteristics,” Marquez told El Golpe news.

    “Pacquiao will definitely win. Pacquiao is just too tough and too strong. Pressure and a lot of punches just beats Floyd up,” the 72-year-old Beristain told Mark Malinowski of Ring Observer. “He just works too hard. His training is too hard. He works very hard.”


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    1. I have another take, on this issue, just let Manila Times gag the mouth of Senator Rene Saguisag against the Pacman, and I m sure that the latter will win…Or instead the good Senator pray with us that the Pacman wins against the Moneyman inorder to uplift the spirit of the nation, in this times where all these corruption and scandal unprecedently beset our beloved Republica ng Pilipinas!!!

    2. Barry Gil Pilar on

      ..Mayweather Camp could say whatever they want. On Fight Night there will be war. Floyd must have to kill Pacman to win this match. He will not walk away from the ring the same fighter anymore. Roach states, Floyd must enjoy his status as the A-Side at the moment because Manny is coming to knock his ass out!, Beating Pacman easy? Nah! this statement is totally hilarious!

    3. A very simple question to ask if floyd was managed by bob arum & manny by someone else & this fight was happening, do you think bob arums assesment of the fight would be the same. Now if floyds uncle was mannys uncle do you think he would be saying the same thing.
      Listen of course they will say their fighter will win, would you expect them to say my fighter has no chance.
      You have to look at everything & here is a little food for thought.
      Floyd has never been knocked down despite taking the occasional hard punch. His record is so much better than all of mannys opponents of the last 4 years. In those 4 years manny has not fought a single top 10 rated welterweight. If you say tim bradley is one of them tell me how you get that. Tell me any other welterweight he has beaten. Ill tell you hes only fought 1 other welterweight & he was rated outside the top 30 & he could only get a draw with that guy.
      Jmm has only ever beaten manny pac from the welterweights hes fought. Rios only beat the other welterweight hes fought by the most rediculous dq ive ever seen. & chris algieri well forget welterweights hes only ever fought 2 light welterweights rated below 100, all the other 18 opponents wer in the 100’s, 200’s, or 300’s.
      & now you have manny speaking of retirement after this fight.
      Listen manny will lose this fight & my money will be on floyd, its where are the educated fans money will be.

      • Why I think manny will upend floyd, based on their common opponent most recently cotto who was stopped by manny in his prime, while cotto most recently not in his prime gave floyd a hard time. Not to mention the other common opponents like hatton, moseley and de la hoya who were easily beaten by pacquiao but whom floyd strugled.

    4. johnny Peralta on

      I share the sentiments of Marquez and Beristain. They teamed up in fighting Pacquiao four times. They have experienced Manny Pacquiao many times. Floyd Senior is just bragging but Pacquiao’s destiny is to beat Floyd Junior.

    5. Pacquiao wins by beat down in ten rounds . I hope he puts that black SOB in a coma ! Mayfag is a disgrace to the American people and the United States .

    6. Quotes of JMM and Nacho are misleading. Marquez never said Pac will beat Floyd. Only that he’s dangerous for him. In fact, jmm has always picked Floyd over Manny. The Nacho quote, on the other hand, was years ago. Malinowski just reposted that interview but in truth it was more than 5 yrs ago. Even before Pac got ko’d. He may still have the same view or it may have changed. Point is, it’s not accurate at this point in time. Hope Manny wins though. Go Pac!