• As far as Malacañang is concerned, EDSA 2 is a non-event


    Thirteen years ago today, Gloria Arroyo took over as president through a popular uprising that ousted Joseph Estrada.

    The event has since been referred to EDSA 2 to distinguish it from the
    original People Power revolt at the same place in 1986.

    But as far as Malacañang is concerned, EDSA is a non-event.

    EDSA 2 “is not marked in our country’s history. It is not celebrated,” Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said on Sunday.

    Coloma said President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s declaration of January 20 as National Day of Prayer had nothing to do with EDSA 2.

    “That so-called anniversary has nothing to do with [this]. It is not in any way connected to the date set for our country’s prayer,” Coloma said.
    He explained that the anniversary of EDSA 2 and the national day of prayer declaration was merely a “coincidence.”

    “It just happened that [January 20] was the date selected for the occasion,” Coloma said.

    He noted that even the Arroyo administration hardly commemorated EDSA 2, which further pointed to its “insignificance.”


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    1. You there in malacanang especially the spokespersons are truly funny and idiotic. When Jan 20 was picked by pnoy as a day of prayer you suddenly realized as an after thoubht that it was on the same date erap was replaced by GMA and since it would be embarassing for you guys to change the date you all scrambled to clarify that it was no more than a coincidence and no way is malacanang commemorating the so called EDSA II. Who is insisting otherwise anyway? Wala naman nagsasabi nyan pero bago kayo makagalitan deklara kayo agad na walang kinalaman ang day of prayer sa pagangat ni GMA sa presidency. Pereho lang kayo ng amo niyong sinto sinto.