As I Tango


words are nothing
in that moment when
we look in each other’s eyes
hold each other’s hands
for the first time

you are
the essence
of my being

the quantum substance
of my soul

i’m missing the voice
of the fairy that whispers
in my ear at night

kind of deja vu
nothing but an empty morn
an unfinished poem

morning sun–
feeling the warmth of
your smile

midnight is
when your winged-voice brings me
to Parnassus

moonless night–
i am the ninth person
in a square dance

here’s to the music
and to effing tomorrow
aubade to the wine

midnight sky–
back into my noosphere
nothing here but space

be calm, my heart
it is just another storm
passing by

a summer zephyr
here i am longing to hear
the sound of your voice

listening to
the tick-tocks of the clock
and the passing hours

and i am learning
how to walk again
in the purple rain

if you be a storm
a gale who’ll keep me awake
then come as you are

a pulsar
a phoenix-born lullaby
a poem

you are the song
that will unsing the lyrics
of my lips
you are my smile
the sweet delight of
the autumn moon

night sky–
a billion reason
to hear your voice

i desire your lips
on the rim of
my tea cup

the sound of your name
in half notes

when i hear you voice
i’m just a word away from
your constellation

don’t mind my mood swing
i’m just a bard or a brat
with tantric tantrums

this pain
this torment
mine alone

come O Morpheus
come O drowsy-eyed god
let us drink that nepenthe

a quantum poem
giving birth to a billion
stars and galaxies

in my noosphere
and parallel continuum

poemless night–
i just kicked the moon
out of its orbit

and this cup of coffee
should have been glass of wine

this wretched heart of mine
and a thousand and one poems
would they not mean a thing?

midnight booze–
celebrating alone
the death of poesie

for who can fight well
the battles of my own heart
not even the gods

how i wish to hear
the lyrics of your laughter
ere i close my eyes

when i hear your voice
i’m just a breath away from
your constellation



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