Asean-Japan Centre organizes tourist exchange


Tokyo-based Asean-Japan Centre, an intergovernmental organization of Asean-member countries, has organized the Tourist Guides Exchange Program beginning today until December 2. Open to individuals engaged in tour-guiding in each of the ten Asean-member states, the aim is to exchange knowledge and experiences of guiding and heightening skills and abilities to conduct guiding in Tokyo, Himeji, and Kobe.

Asean-member countries and Japan reached the Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Tourism Professionals (MRA-TP), which was designed to facilitate the free movement and employment of qualified and certified tourism personnel between countries. The exchange program attempts to contribute to the MRA-TP, focusing on tour guides in Asean nations, mainly focusing on tourism professionals for cultural heritages, such as Meiji Jingu and Himeji Castle.

Established in 1981, Asean Japan Centre has been promoting exports from Asean to Japan while revitalizing investment, tourism as well as people-to-people exchanges between the Asean-member countries and Japan.

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