Asia CEO Awards expands to rest of Asean


OFFICIALS from the Asia CEO Awards were joined recently by ambassadors from five different Asean countries to celebrate the planned extension of the prestigious CEO Awards program to the entire Asean business sector.

Originally created to highlight the world-class qualities of Filipino CEOs, managers, and businesses, the Asia CEO Awards will now recognize outstanding Asean business leaders under two major categories, the ASEAN Company of the Year Award and the Hospitality Destination Award.

The Philippines’ biggest companies will be vying with the best companies from other countries for the coveted Asean Company of the Year Award.

Richard Mills, chairman of Asia CEO Awards, said, “The idea is to display the best companies to the world and to promote harmony within the same regions.”

First held in 2010, the Asia CEO Awards represents the grandest alliance of local and international business people ever created to promote the Philippines and now, the entire Asean, on the world stage.

“This is a very good platform to promote better relations between Thailand and Philippines,” said Ambassador Thanatip Upatising, Thailand’s ambassador to the Philippines.

Don Felbaum, former president of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, is one of the high-profile judges who will be selecting the winner for the main category. The finalists will be judged according to meticulous matrices that include several phases of investigation and verification.

“We apply the same high standards that we have for the companies here in the Philippines, and we will make an unbiased fair decision,” said Felbaum.

Among the other attendees of the meeting were Ambassador Troung Trieu Duong of Vietnam, Ambassador Tout Panha of Cambodia, Ambassador Phoxay Khaykhamphithoune of Laos, Ambassador Aklmal Che Mustafa of Malaysia, Deputy Chief of Mission Scott Loh Chee Heong, and Minister Counselor Wibanarto Eugenius of Indonesia.


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