Asia Pacific healthcare sector to increase AI use


ARTICIFIAL Intelligence (AI) technology is expected to make significant inroads in the Asia Pacific healthcare sector over the next three years, according to a recent report of market research analyst International Data Corporation (IDC).

The healthcare market includes hospitals, as well as life sciences, medical devices, and health insurance companies.

Ashwin Moduga, research manager for Health Insights Asia Pacific, said the health sector in the region would not just use AI technology for automation or accuracy but also to back the “low availability” of healthcare specialists.

“Emerging solutions are already helping hospitals improve on medical image diagnoses using deep learning and allowing for large scale diagnostics efforts with minimal human inputs. AI/Cognitive solutions in the next ten years will look to bolster decision making and empower clinicians with tools that validate clinical decision confidence—helping improve disease progression,” Moduga said.

“In the next two to three years, hospitals will have passed the stage of experimenting with simple automation and begin to invest on deep learning algorithms that make sense and generates actionable insight out of the geometrically growing, unstructured data sets, from personal and hospital health information management systems,” the he added.

The private sector depends on the investment of stakeholders in specific clinical decision support systems like Oncology and Neurology, while the smaller and public hospital system explore advanced data automation and patient engagement, IDC noted.

“While most hospitals in the region, apart from large private chains, are still evaluating large scale solutions, it is important to begin in-house efforts for a select set of individual processes,” said Jessie Cai, senior research manager of AI/Cognitive.

For many hospitals, in-house efforts have provided understanding of key process stakeholders, project scopes, and the ability to showcase return on investment for future investments, Cai said.


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