• Asia’s iconic treasures in bricks

    The Rizal Monument of the Philippines

    The Rizal Monument of the Philippines

    Lego mounts ‘Let’s go Asia’ exhibit in Parañaque
    A free tour around Asia can now be had with the ongoing Lego: Let’s Go Asia exhibit at SM City BF Parañaque, which showcases eight breathtakingly elaborate replicas of eight Asian iconic attractions.

    Using a grand total of 269,000 bricks, the exhibit aims to bring together generations of Lego enthusiasts as they marvel at these architectural wonders, and build their own masterpieces in the play area for kids.

    Some of the featured landmarks are Wonders of the World such as the Great Wall of China, a series of walls built during the reign of different dynasties, joined together forming a 13,000 mile border historically used for trade regulation and defense from invaders.

    The Taj Mahal of India, on the other hand, highlights great love and great architecture. Known as the “jewel of Muslim art in India”, this white marble mausoleum complex with geometric patterns, and intricate architectural and landscape details was built by an emperor for his beloved wife.

    The Himeji Castle of Japan

    The Himeji Castle of Japan

    Also featured is the Himeji Castle of Japan. A Unesco World Heritage Site, it is a prime example of Japanese castle architecture that has remained intact, surviving wars and natural disasters. Also featured is the Wat Mahathat of Thailand, known as the most important temple in Sukhothai Historical Park, which was built to preserve the relics of the Buddha.

    The exhibit also features modern architectural marvels in Asia. The Taipei 101 of Taiwan, formerly the world’s tallest skyscraper standing at 508 meters with 101 stories above ground fuses both modern and traditional design elements, an architectural symbol of Asia’s transition into the new century. The Petronas Towers of Malaysia, on the other hand, gives mallgoers a preview of the 88-storey twin buildings, showcasing a polygonal plan that is common in Islamic architecture, and at the same time celebrates Malaysia’s traditional craft—basket weaving, in its outline.

    The Merlion of Singapore

    The Merlion of Singapore

    Not to be left out are structures that symbolize national identity and patriotism: the Merlion of Singapore, the famed national icon that signifies the humble beginnings of this highly urbanized island city-state. And of course, there is the Philippines’ very own Rizal Monument, complete with a Lego sculpture of Jose Rizal, an obelisk and a stone base adorned with a green wreath.

    The exhibit will be on display at the main atrium until September 20.


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