CC100 harks back to Aston Martin’s glorious racing past while at the same time packing advanced tech and materials.

ASTON Martin is marking its 100th year, and to make the celebration as spectacular as possible, it did the thing it knows best; create a stunning sports car.

The result is the one-off CC100 Speedster Concept that looks both to the past—specifically the DBR1 that’s considered as Aston Martin’s greatest triumph on the track—and to the future as the car teases the marque’s potential design direction.

“The CC100 is the epitome of everything that is great about Aston Martin,” said company chief Ulrich Bez at the car’s recent unveil.

What makes the CC100 truly special is that it is no mere static concept model. The car actually debuted by lapping the famous—or notorious—Nordschleife of the Nurburgring, with its 6.0-liter V12 engine wailing alongside the 1000-kilometer, race-winning 1959 DBR1 driven by racing legend Sir Stirling Moss.

The CC100 was designed and constructed in less than six months at Aston Martin’s global headquarters in Gaydon, England, and is a product of a special relationship with key supplier Multimatic. It was penned by Aston Martin design boss Marek Reichman and chief exterior designer Miles Nurnberger. It boasts a body and an interior that are crafted from carbon-fiber, and its engine is bolted to a six-speed hydraulic automated sequential manual transmission that has paddle shifters. The combination can launch the CC100 from rest to 100kph in four seconds, on the way to a governed 288-kph top speed.

Clearly, this centenarian is no slouch.


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