At least 12 on Australian terror watch list


SYDNEY: Australian officials Monday said they were aware of 12 people within the community who they believe could commit an act of terror, as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull convened a meeting to discuss national security. Canberra has become increasingly concerned about the prospect of lone-wolf attacks by individuals inspired by groups such as Islamic State, and a tightening of counter-terrorism laws is underway. Six attacks in Australia have been foiled over the past year, according to the government, but several have not, including a police employee shot in the back of the head in Sydney last month by a 15-year-old reportedly shouting religious slogans. The Australian Federal Police’s counter-terrorism chief Neil Gaughan told ABC television that a group of 12 men and boys capable of committing an act of terror were being closely watched. The national broadcaster said the 12 were part of a larger group of 19, seven of whom were in prison.



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