Ateneo takes a stand; what about the others?


EDSA Week of February was a busy one for me, as an MD, Masamang Damo still around (Butz, Joker, Boy Herrera, et al. gone). Monday, February 21 saw me at UP for a CARMMA (Coalition Against the Return of the Marcoses to Malacanang) cameo appearance (I was very late, traffic). Midweek was at the Ateneo Law amphitheater on the launch of Raissa E. Robles’s gripping Marcos Martial Law: Never Again, with its detailed accounts of martial law atrocities. Karen Davila presided. I had written the Foreword. Two nights earlier, it was Tina Monzon Palma hosting a 90-minute ANC Talkback on martial law.

The next morning, I was at PTV4, where WAM (Women Against Marcos) presented their book with that title. Tuesday afternoon saw me in La Consolacion, with F. Sionil Jose, among others, hosted by PTV4. LaCo, Justice Elo Ynares-Santiago (ret.) attended before UP. She was the Makati Municipal Judge who in 1982 acquitted Anding Roces, who, asked to explain why he had boycotted Comelec registration, wrote the body: “The right to vote comes from the State. The right not to vote comes from God. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” Elo courageously dismissed the case, displeasing the dictatorship at a time when even the Supreme Court, Macoy successfully terrorized. (Once in 1982, he announced that he was accepting the resignations of all the Justices, following a bar scandal. They might not have even known they had resigned. For a week we had no Supreme Court.)

“Gentlemen,” Anding told us (MABINI lawyers headed by Senator Lorenzo Tanada), “I was sure I had not registered but after hearing your cross-examination, I think I did.” Thus Shakespeare’s “First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” They keep asking the foolish questions of the day. Now, BongBong, who fooled us with his alleged diplomas from England and the US, brags that Rizal, my home province with Jovy Salonga, Neptali Gonzalez and Bobbit Sanchez, among others, in effect, is a colony of Ilocandia. Is it? In 1975, his Mother took away 14 towns from Rizal, with out consulting us Rizalenos, say in a referendum. “The First Lady wants this” was law. For the longest time, Rizal had no capital (Antipolo now) and no capitol, either. Kayang-kaya ang kolonya.

The Marcoses returned billions of ill-gotten wealth following a July 15, 2003 Supreme Court decision. Why are ill-gotteners Imelda, Imee and Bongbong where they are?

I am glad that Ateneo stands up against historical revisionism of Martial Law.  More than 400 Ateneo faculty members and formators had signed a statement rejecting the historical revisionism of the Martial Law years, in response to Sen. Bongbong’s statement that history should be left to historians and history students. Of course not.

1972-86 is not history but the living past. It is not on the level of the Massacre of Balangiga or Bud Dajo by the Americans of more than a century ago. A Japanese Premier visits a war shrine today and there would be rioting in Korea and China. The Ateneans say:
“We vow as teachers and formators to continue to tell the stories of the brutality and corruption of the Marcos family, regime, and closest allies. For as long as we remember and share these stories, we believe that future generations of Filipinos will learn the lessons of the years of struggle leading to the overthrow of the dictatorship during those historic days of the People Power Revolution in 1986.”

The statement also describes the Marcos regime’s indifference toward “inclusive development, long-term state building or genuine social transformation.” Individuals who defied the regime were “intimidated, imprisoned, kidnapped, tortured, or summarily executed,” the statement reads. The government, it further reads, should continue its fight in repossessing the ill-gotten wealth amassed by the Marcos family and its cronies. “We call on all our politicians, especially those who are running for office in the 2016 national and local elections, to take a definite stand on the abuses of the Marcos dictatorship.”

The statement also reaffirms the responsibility of Ateneo teachers and formators to keep the “spirit of EDSA 1986” alive by imparting to the students the truth of what transpired during the Marcos dictatorship. “The fullness of democratization, especially the creation of a social order which respects the dignity of all Filipinos, has yet to be achieved. It is our responsibility now as a people to continue and complete this unfinished struggle.” Wow! Bilib.

I am waiting to hear from my alma mater, San Beda, and other schools, such as UST, La Salle, PMA, etc.. San Carlos of Cebu has been heard from: Anti-Restoration! My fellow Rizal Hi alums, Pat and Wilma Tiamzon, honor grads, continue to languish in jail. My fellow Rizalians should be saddened by the Ynareses’ proclamation that they are for the son of the dictator who dismembered our province, ruined our values, institutions and processes, negating what Rizalenos Salongas, et al., did during the unlamented dictatorship.

Wounds have not healed. The human rights victims in the thousands have not been compensated. The torturers are still around. I was told by human rights compensation board chief Lina Sarmiento last February 26 — iconic Ka Pepe Diokno’s 94th birth anniversary, which the Commission on Human Rights marked by inaugurating Bulwagang Ka Pepe — that it is doing what it could but the sheer number of claims  (75T) slows them down. I tell my human rights studes to volunteer to help, particularly if they live in the Diliman area.

Another form of human rights abuse is that of Manny Pacquiao, a House, a Non-Performing Liability. Now instead of telling us his programs or platforms, he trains for his next fight, on which he issues statements. Oh, yes, we now know that he looks down on LGBTs as worse than animals, his future constituents,
given the seeming inevitability of Senator Manny. So better to keep quiet on national issues to avoid more gaffes?

Cheating in timing his next fight, the criminal genius should tell us his stand on the Bangsamoro Basic Law, and on Sabah, on which his champion, Jojobama Binay, says he would reopen and press. To me, we should find out the sentiments of native Sabahans if they pine and long to be governed by Prezs Binay, Roxas, Duterte, Poe, or Santiago. Self-determination. I think we should govern ourselves well for Sabahans to yearn to be Filipinos (like Pinoys pining for Statehood).

Prez Pacquiao in 2022 a sweetener for Sabahans?

We Rizalenos were treated like Sabahans in 1975 by Macoy and Imelda. Macoy suggested that he dazzled the Supreme Court with his appellant’s Brief in his Nalundasan  murder conviction. We lawyers who write briefs that are neither good law nor literature can perhaps take comfort in that ponente Justice Jose Laurel said of the efforts of Ferdinand Marcos and Leon Guerrero (then a Solicitor assisting Solicitor General Ozaeta) in the Nalundasan murder case: “A three-volume brief was filed by the appellant and a comprehensive brief submitted by the Government. Both briefs are however, more valuable for their literary value.” People v. Marcos, 70 Phil. 468, 472 (1940). It pays, as Al Smith would say, “to look at the record” instead of swallowing what revisionist hacks, fabulists, fictionists and crypto-biographers would say.

If Bongbong wins in May, his Prez should be very, very careful.

Will Grace be disqualified next week on residence? Maybe in the 70’s, and earlier. Today, anyone who cares can keep track of what goes on elsewhere given technological wonders: round-the-clock international radio-TV, newspapers, skype, cell phones, Internet, nonstop Manila-to-San Fran flight, etc.. The issue should not be decided by Jurassic standards. Let the people, not unelected officials, reject Grace. Its spirit ended the dictatorship, when the Supreme Court said on December 19, 1985 that the sovereign people should decide the most quintessential political question of all – who should lead us, for legitimacy and acceptability, an overriding policy consideration.

Caveat: I am not committed to vote for her but I am biased for foundlings as a Christian human rights lawyer.


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  1. Actritex Reducer on

    Mr Saguisag sabhn m rin n isng kng abogadbn hndi k marunong sumnd s batas. Bshn m yng nilalamn ng martial lw or proclmtion 1081 – my threat s rebeld, bawl muna MG rally, bawal mgsult at mgsalit Laban s gobyrno. Ikw nging sendr k ksam ng iba png fredom fighters n congrsmn at senador d MN kyo nkagwa ng batas pra s anti dynasty law. Tahimk lng yng fredom fighters natin nung pinalay c joma sison. Nsaan ang katarungn s npty n sundalo at govt spy. Ganun dn nung pinblik c nur misuari n na exile s Saudi. Alm mng na acquit s pg nankw ang mga Marcos Pero d k tumulng pra ipaliwng s taong bayn pra malinis yng pangln ng Marcos. Mhigt 30yrs n wala nmn pkinbng ang mga fredom fighters natin kramihn s kanila ay ng abuso at ng nakw s taong Bayan Pero Tahimk k lng ang mga freedm figther natin.

  2. Ha ha ha Pacman for President in 2022,,,I hope the former good Senator ,Rene Saguisag will live to see Pacman as next President of the Philippines. It is a scorn among those who profess to have brought democracy back only to see the country riddled by corruption and insensitivity, A dwindled middle class, expanded poverty base and the wealth of the nation has been controlled by one to five percent of the population. Our youth should analyze properly whom to purge, when a true movement emerges, Dont use the UP grounds to spread your lies and winding interest!!!

  3. Kurokuro lang on

    Stop saying non sense! You became a senator when the marcoses was ousted. Why you didnt do anything to prevent this from happening! Why now? After 30 years? Come on! Nasa huli ang pag sisisi, wala k kasing ginawa noon kaya ngawa k ng ngawa ngayon. Kung manalo si bongbong isisi mo sa sarili mo. You had your time, the power but you di nothing. Bulong k lang ng bulong kay cory non. Yon lang natandaan ko sa yo

    • Very very true. This senator is a nephew of i think j salonga who lost the attache case in the usa during his pccg icumbency. Where is it now? Any news?

  4. Manuel Q Bondad on

    Dear Mr Tiglao,
    Why was Mr Jose B Fernandez Jr “ordered” by President Marcos to leave the Far East Bank and Trust Company at the height of the crisis, to preside over the affairs of the Central Bank? The technocrats, could not handle the massive outflow of foreign exchange.When was the peso-dollar allowed to float? Mr Jobo had the stature and credibility to deal effectively with the IMF and the World Bank. With due respect to Mr Sicat, Mr Virata,and Mr Roberto Ongpin, Marcos needed a Jobo! Mr Fernandez like Fr Jose A Cruz,Jr to me were instrumental in keeping FM at bay.

    The late dear Fr Jose A Cruz,Jr never told us to be supportive of President FM even when we were already out of the university. In the many trips of ACIL to the island of Cabalite,off Mauban, birthplace of Fr Horacio de la Costa, lasting more than a week each summer , we never discussed Marcos.Ano ang masama Kung nangungumpisal si FM Kay Fr Joe-related to Gemma Cruz- niece of Dr Jose Rizal?Fr Cruz never told us he was farther-confessor and never hinted what Marcos had confessed.Now that you disclosed it, we truly respect Fr Jose A Cruz,Jr- of ACIL fame.To the best of my recollection , to raise funds to acquire a brand new ACIL bus to replace the dilapidated unit maintained by Mang Sid, tickets for “The Dirty Dozen” were sold. But the movie was banned.Fr Cruz to the best of my recollection never asked Marcos to recall the prohibition.But if the movie later on was shown to the public, I am not aware if Fr Joe Cruz “saw ” FM! Fr Joe, to simplify matters could have asked FM to fund the brand new bus.We should not have bothered people just to sell movie tickets come rain or shine.Fr Joe, ailing , was moved to “the departure area” overlooking the Valley. He rested peacefully!

  5. Migs Doromal on

    EDSA was a squandered golden opportunity to effect genuine reform and change.

    Now, you Yellowtards are in panic mode because of your failure to live to the expectations of the people who installed your Yellow president in Malacanang?

    Let’s not go further. Take a look at the case of HACIENDA LUISITA. Now go look at the mirror Mr. Saguisag.

  6. If Bongbong wins, he will echo our call of “Never Again”. He will never again leave Malacanang. He will never again be chased out of power. He will never again be humiliated. He will never again fear. He will be ruthless.


  8. So no one has the right to hold a contrary opinion, huh, Atty Saguisag? The people must agree with you whether they like it or not? All those who don’t are guilty of revisionism and distortion of History?

    Thought dictators, all you are. How ironic.

    • And rene is asking for support from his other comrades. I think they don’t believe this poor guy who is getting old still holding on to material things he benefited from the yellow.

  9. jessie corrales on

    tama na nga yan mga diokno, tanada, at iba pang matatandang patay na yan, kayo lang Mr. saguisag ang nagrereklamo laban jay Marcos, kami hindi. Gusto namin bumalik ang mga Marcos sapagkat maayos ang pilipinas nun. Hindi ko alam kung baket pinipilit nyo ang mga aquino, na palpak naman. sus naman kayo o. Tumahimik na nga kayo dyan at mag bingo na lang kayong mga senior citizens.

  10. I truly agree with Sen. Rene. To all you Filipinos out there that keeps on saying “move on” and “forgive”, can you look at yourself and the mirror and ask that to yourself? Naranasan niyo ba talaga ang Martial Law? Naranasan niyo ba na mawalan ng mga mahal sa buhay dahil sa isang diktador na gustong maghari sa bayan? Ang problema kasi sa ating mga Filipino kapag lumipas na ang panahon ay okay na, hayaan nalang, papatawarin nalang at kakalimutan nalang. Yang sakit na yan ng mga Filipino ang isang nakakahiyang sakit na kung bakit ba hindi tayo umaasenso at paulit-ulit na nauuto ng mga politiko natin. Oo, hindi man naging maganda ang patakbo ni Cory Aquino noong siya ang naging Presidente, pero at least nawala din ang takot ng mga tao na magkaroon ng malayang pananalita at ang magkaroon ng malayang pagde-desisyon sa mga bagay-bagay. Pero eto, nagrereklamo kayo na hindi maganda ang nagawa ni Cory Aquino sa bayan noon, pero binoto parin si Noynoy! Kung iisipin niyo bakit nga ba nanalo si Noynoy, kasi kinalimutan na ng mga Filipino ang nagawa ng nanay niya (maganda man o pangit). Kaya ngayon eto, patuloy tayong niloloko ng mga politiko natin. Tapos ngayon iboboto niyo ang anak ng pinaka-corrupt na tao sa buong mundo?! Wow! Filipinos are truly one of a kind. Mga bobotante! Nakakahiya maging Filipino.

    • sino ba ang bumoto kay noynoy? makina ang bumoto sa kanya hindi ang boto ng tao. talagang ganyan magisip ang bobotante-hocuspicos.

  11. Marcos institutionalized corruption on such a scale we continue to feel its effects today. In his 20 years in power, the country’s foreign debt metastasized from about $1 billion to over $25 billion; in a statement released last year, FDC repeats the estimate that as much as a third of all that debt, about $8 billion, went into his pockets or those of his cronies. The country will continue paying for all that debt until 2025.

    Marcos Marcos magnanakaw
    Marcos Marcos magnanakaw
    Marcos Marcos magnanakaw
    Magnanakaw si Marcos.

    • Large scale corruption started after WWII. “Reparation” by US & Japan.
      Who benefited?






  13. I think this time the author is dead wrong. Otherwise, let the so-called nuisance candidates run and let the people decide, then abolish all our rules.

  14. Vintage Rene, Absolutely but I am still awaiting your advise to us voters desperately seeking an alternative to prevent the return of the Marcos dynasty. Will Binay make a good president? His spokesman Salgado is bragging that he is a Mabini lawyer of the Marcos years along with you and Tanada in an answer to Bono Adaza’s column that Binay is our worst nightmare.Jojo Binay takes advantage of Bongbong Marcos rekindling of the Solid North, almost all houses and warlords banners a Binay-Bongbong making a mockery of Honasan as running mate.My fellow Ilocanos will surely give Bongbong a landslide win and Binay wants to ride along ingratiating himself as a champion of human rights abuses as he claimed in his bio-pic. I shall pray that Poe will not be disqualified so as not to alter the political equation.

  15. Mr. Saguisag and my fellow Filipinos , WE HEAR HOW SOUND MIND BONGBONG MARCOS SPEAKS , HOW SINCERE HE IS WHEN HE SPEAKS ABOUT HIS PLAN , VISION , MISSION FOR THE PHILIPPINES, WE SEE HOW PROGRESSIVE THEY DID TO THEIR PROVINCE , WE BENEFIT FROM BONGBONG ‘S COUNTLESS BILLS HE PASSED TO HELP FIL. PEOPLE AND THE COUNTRY , as compared to other vice presidential candidates including the pres. benigno Aquino who spend their times bashing, whining, fabricating detrimental stories against other candidates … Mr. Saguisag and other people who want to live in the past, we say, ‘NOT AT OUR EXPENSE NOR NOT AT THE. EXPENSE OF THE PHIL. WE CANNOT LIVE IN BITTERNESS FOREVER , LET US HELP OUR OFFICIALS SO WE CAN MOVE FORWARDS “

  16. Old politics should not make a stand this coming election, those days against Marcos has been long gone, grudges against Marcos Sr. is illogical to passed on his children or grandchildren, Marcos Jr. has made his own mark in politics even without his dad..if these people have concerned against Marcos children, better charge them in court of justice..Cory and Pnoy have been sum up by their actions and decisions, which define them as inept and most gullible leader this country ever have!!