• Ateneo’s AGILA partners


    With Haribon Ateneans Guided and Inspired by Love for Animals (Agila) is a university-wide student organization of Ateneo de Manila that advocates animal welfare, which include the rights of wildlife animals to live in their natural habitat and to have access to other habitats.

    With a common ground, Agila became an affiliate of Haribon Foundation on July 2014, to work hand in hand to effectively contribute to the conservation of biodiversity. Agila believes, that as stewards of the earth, it is our duty to protect and conserve the natural environment, and restore the balance of ecosystems.

    Members are full-time students with limited time and resources. However, their burning passion and love for animals drove them to pursue the organization’s animal welfare advocacy. Like a hero for animals, they have a sub-group where students rescue stray kittens wandering in the campus and provide them with proper care and shelter.

    Agila committed to take part in different projects of Haribon such as “Adopt a Seedling Program,” join in tree planting activities, and visit sites that Haribon Foundation aided to restore.

    The student-group supports Haribon Foundation’s aim to have an environment conscious community by promoting the advocacies not only within the campus premises but also to their friends and families, and the whole Ateneo community.


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