When athletic wear meets a city staple


    A few years back, hitting the gym before clocking in at the office or meeting colleagues for lunch means bringing two sets of clothing—a set to sweat it out and a fresh one to wear after exercise.

    In 2015, however, more gym aficionados found a middle ground in their wardrobe with the rise of athletic wear that can go beyond sports. Suddenly everyone—from Hollywood A-listers, It Girls to average city gals—were pairing yoga pants or printed leggings with cropped tops and structured jackets while running errands. The trend effectively saw the fusion of athletic and leisure wear, thus the birth of the term athleisure, and the popularity of brands Lululemon and Nike, which specialize in clothing for the active fashionistas.

    Yoga jeans combine the versatility of jeans and the durability of athletic wear

    That same year, Meriam-Webster dictionary officially recognized the word athleisure and defined it as “casual clothing—like yoga pants, sweat pants, and hoodies—which are designed both for exercising and for doing [almost]everything else.” Thereafter, brands like Tory Burch, Rebecca Minkoff and Kate Spade came out with their own athleisure collections, and the rest is fashion history.

    Don the denim
    Ever attuned to fashion trends, Filipinos quickly caught this global phenomenon.

    “Right now, more Filipinos, particularly women, are very much into athleisure. These girls have very active lifestyles – they work out in the morning, they go to their regular 8-to-5-job, and they also join their friends for gimmick in the evening,” Jillian Panganiban, marketing manager for Nets Company, which manufactures Freego Jeans, among other denim brands, shared with The Manila Times.

    Nevertheless, the brand discovered in their research that much as Filipinas are willing to channel Rihanna, Rita Ora or Gigi Hadid, most of them are actually hesitant to walk around the city in just their workout tights or leggings.

    As such, the proudly Filipino brand came out with the idea to apply athleisure to the country’s favorite fashion staple instead.

    “We know very well that jeans are a clothing staple for us Filipinos, but we also want to give a shout out to style and multi-functionality all at the same time within the concept of athleisure,” said Arnold Sabado, Freego’s brand director.

    The result is Freego Yoga Jeans. Thanks to its interwoven fabric, the yoga jeans are ultra-stretchable and can support even the most difficult movements. Wearers can also forget about sweat as its quick drying property assures Filipinas they can quickly hop from gym to office or restaurant.

    The denim is so stretchable that yogis have given it their stamp of approval

    Its hidden waistband is another feature that supports the mid-section – one body area women are most concerned about – minimizing the chances of a muffin top or bulging belly.

    “It took us more than a year of to develop the product. As we know, the global trend right now is global athleisureand primarily because we are a denim company, we wanted to inject the versatility of jeans into the market. Eventually, we came out with the yoga jeans,” Sabado detailed to The Manila Times.

    Of course, not to be left out is the aesthetic of yoga jeans – which by the way is not limited to the activity its name implies. Available in Acid Wash, Enzyme Wash, Rinse Wash and Black Wash, Freego yoga jeans can be paired with almost anything and will still give that complementing silhouette for the ladies.

    Finally, the executives gladly related to The Manila Times that men need not get envious as their athleisure jeans for men are actually coming out in April.


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