• Atienza hits condom distribution plan


    Senior Deputy Minority Leader and Rep. Lito Atienza of Buhay party-list has criticized the Department of Health’s (DOH) plan to distribute condoms in schools as part of its program to implement the Reproductive Health Law.

    “The funds to buy condoms can be used to buy medicines that are needed more by our poor countrymen, particularly for tuberculosis and maintenance medicines for diseases like diabetes and hypertension. The message for Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial is not to waste government funds on condoms,” Atienza said in Filipino.

    He was reacting to the statement of Ubial that the DOH will start distributing condoms in schools starting next year to address the rising number HIV/AIDS cases among the youth.

    “Instead of giving away condoms to students, we should urge parents that they should be the ones to educate their children on the subject of sex. This matter should not be intervened by the DOH Secretary. Good manners, right conduct and character building are what should be taught to the youth to be responsible,” Atienza added.

    He also welcomed the decision of Mayor Herbert Bautista of Quezon City not to allow the distribution of condoms in the city’s public schools.

    “Mayor Herbert Bautista is doing the right thing. We believe that many other mayors who were elected by the people will likewise do what is right for their constituents, especially the youth. There are elected mayors who will not allow the distribution of condoms, now here comes a lady who is appointed and presumes to know what is good for our youth. If the mayors don’t allow it, the DOH will not be able to do it,” Atienza said.
    He pointed out the distribution of condoms is all part of the bigger picture of population control.

    “It is a good thing there was no Secretary Ubial during the time of Dr. Jose Rizal who was the seventh among his siblings. If birth control was used by Jose Rizal’s parents, most likely we would not have him as our National Hero. Government should not interfere with God’s plan. Contrary to government’s perception, our growing population is our greatest asset as a nation. They should instead provide jobs and livelihood opportunities for every Filipino,” Atienza stressed.


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