Atienza to MMDA: Solve Metro traffic


BUHAY party-list Rep. Lito Atienza on Tuesday filed a resolution asking the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to make public its immediate plan of action to solve the deteriorating traffic situation in Manila.

“With this resolution, we once again call on the MMDA to explain to the public what it plans to do to immediately address the worsening traffic conditions in Metro Manila, which are expected to deteriorate even further with the upcoming Christmas season,” Atienza said.

He censured MMDA over its apparent failure to effectively manage the traffic conditions in the region.

“The MMDA, as the primary agency delegated by law to handle traffic in Metro Manila, has been unable to manage effectively the traffic conditions in the metropolis, which is mainly caused by several factors,” the lawmaker pointed out.

He said among the factors that lead to daily traffic gridlocks are the uncontrolled number of buses and public utility jeepneys that use and main thoroughfares as their terminals; major and side streets being used as private parking spaces.

Atienza noted that large parts of major streets are being occupied by trucks, depriving motorists of much needed road spaces and open and unfinished diggings both by private and government contractors that not only congest traffic but pose a very real danger to pedestrians and motorists.

During the meeting of the committee on Metro Manila Development to discuss the mass transport system, Atienza reminded the MMDA, represented by Assistant General Manager Emerson Carlos, that the traffic situation needs immediate action.

“What we need right now is for the problems of the present to be immediately addressed. The MMDA should take immediate action like covering up abandoned or unattended diggings, and should treat as garbage any construction materials left on the streets,” he said.

Atienza asked MMDA enforcers to start arresting public utility drivers who use the streets as illegal terminals as well as those using the secondary roads as private garages.


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