Attacks on Binay seen to intensify


SENATOR Nancy Binay expects attacks on her father, Vice President Jejomar Binay, will intensify next year when the campaign period starts.

The senator admitted that there had been a brief lull on the assault on her family but this has not left them at ease because they knew that her father’s political rivals will continue to discredit him.

She added that they are prepared for whatever attacks the political rivals of the vice president are preparing.

“We expect that by January the attacks will resume, so we are not at ease,” Binay told reporters.

She also said that her family is not bothered by the result of recent surveys showing the Vice President either on second or third place. She noted that her father’s ratings in 2010 started at two percent but this improved after several months.

“We treat survey results more of a tool in determining our strategy in the campaign and not as basis on who will win in the election,” Binay added.

The vice president has been subjected to relentless attacks, including the year-long investigation by the Senate blue ribbon sub-committee on the alleged kickbacks received by Binay.

The Vice President insisted that the allegations against him are politically motivated.

Senator Gregorio Honasan 2nd, Binay’s running mate, said they do not intend to get even with the political opponents of the vice president because they want to keep the level of discourse high.

He said that campaign should be focused on platforms and programs of candidate and not on personal attacks.

“The vice president is very well aware of that (attacks) but that does not not give us an excuse to do the same thing to our political opponents,” Honasan said.


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  1. Concerned Voter on

    Binay, STOP politicking the issue. Harapin mo at sagutin ang alegasyon! Hindi yung puros ‘pulitika lang yan’ ang palusot mo.

    • If the justice system wasn’t corrupt and incompetent they would do their job and file a case and then set a trial date. Of course since this is the Philippines that may or may not ever happen.

      Stop blaming the bad guys and start putting the blame where it belongs, A bought and paid for by bribery or political patronage Justice system that shames the nation and makes the Philippines a joke to the rest of the world.

  2. In the charges against VP Binay for graft and corruption, there is more than enough smoke to warrant the surmise of a fire. He should bring out Linlingan and Baloloy from their hiding place so that the allegations could be examined.

  3. it’s about time for the Binays to answer all the allegations in the senate

    It’s about time the senate answer for stealing the pork barrel fund i think.
    3 out of 21 senators arrested, what about the other 18 who stole billions ?
    Hundreds or House rep’s stole pork barrel billions, why are they not in jail ?

    If the Justice system won’t arrest the thieves then what ?

  4. With the recent audits of the Makati parking and the findings of the AMLC, I think it’s about time for the Binays to answer all the allegations in the senate and the courts and not just keep on saying “it is a political harassment”. Without the responding to these allegations, every Filipino knows that the Binay family is corrupt (with the unexplained wealth of the whole family).