• Attacks vs INC all talk, says spokesman


    “We are no longer surprised at the lengths our detractors will go to attack the reputation of the church, our accusers will say anything to get the attention of the media, including coming up with stories that make so little sense it’s amazing they see print.”

    This was the response of Iglesia ni Cristo spokesman Edwil Zabala who on Monday laughed off statements of US ex-church minister Vincent Florida who said that he had meant to protect the INC by filing a tax case with the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that involved longer processes and would allow the INC to address financial irregularities.

    Florida added that he used IRS Form 3949A when reporting the INC, which is used for reporting suspected tax fraud, including false exemptions or deductions, kickbacks, false or altered document, failure to pay tax, unreported income and organized crime.

    He could have used IRS Form 211, which is used as part of the tax collection agency’s whistle-blower program that awards informants 15 to 30 percent of the tax collected.

    Florida claimed he deliberately chose Form 3949A because it would require “a longer investigation lead time” to give the INC leadership and “anyone else who received income from the US congregations” time to cooperate with the US government and make the appropriate tax declarations.

    Zabala said that Florida’s statements “reveal the credibility of the accuser and the evidence behind the allegations: none.”

    He added that if what the ex-minister said was true, then he should be held accountable “for wasting the time of the IRS and making a mockery of US tax laws.”

    The INC minister provided an analogy of Florida’s statement, saying, “It’s like he reported a robbery to the police, only to tell the robbers to return the money so they would not be caught,while at the same time holding a press conference accusing the robbers of committing a crime. Isn’t that unbelievable?”

    Zabala called on the public to be circumspect in the face of repeated attempts to destroy the credibility of the INC and its leaders.


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    1. Up to now.you don’t know who is telling d truth? Wow. R u sure? Ok if u can’t observe keenly. Wait 4 d result and I’m very very sure that INC will remain.

    2. Maburak a bitis on

      This is a very interesting case to wait and see. Detractors have already made their mind that INC is outright at fault whether in the Phils, in the US or any part of the world, If INC wins at home country, they will simply say- because they have connections. How about if they win in the US or in other countries- are we also going to say the same?

    3. According to Mr. Zabala, he is calling the public to be circumspect about the repeated attempts in destroying the credibility of the INC. Would you be circumspect also Mr. Zabala, with regard to Ka Angel and Ka Tenny allegations against INC? Will you do the same circumspection? Just asking.

      • Haha,up to now you still believe Tenny and Angel’s allegations? Either your so gullible or stupid o bulag? From the very start ‘di ba may batang ngbibiro lang daw?

    4. Only God knows who among you is telling the truth. If INC lies about all the allegations, then let God punishes you wth his WRATH of anger.

      • Those accusers have not proven anything up to this point. All hearsay and fake documents to support their claims. You should know better.

      • nly God knows who among you is telling the truth.

        That’s what investigative agencies are for, to find out the truth of the matter.
        Of course in the Philippines they are incompetent organizations headed by friends or relatives of the president that only investigate who they are allowed to and not who they are supposed to.