• Attaining work-life balance through technology



    The way people interact with each other has changed because of technology. Technological advancements have affected us in both positive and negative ways. Some say technology has made us more indolent as automation enables us to accomplish tasks with just a touch of a button on remote controls or our smartphones. The net effect depends on how individuals integrate technology into their lives.

    Let’s focus more on the positive implications of technology and how we can maximize its benefits, specifically for our work-life balance.

    We are busier than ever, especially those who are just building a career in their 20s. It is only on weekends that they have time for other pursuits in life, including traveling or spending quality time with family and peers.
    But even on some weekends, instead of relaxing and de-stressing ourselves from the past week’s heavy workload, we seem unable to get away from life’s daily chores.

    Grocery shopping. You’d normally list down the items you need on a weekly or monthly basis, go to the supermarket and spend hours buying the items on your list. However, you now have an option to purchase the grocery products through the internet, such as on Lazada or PhilGrocer.

    At times, you’re able to finish work early and look forward to getting home early as well. But leaving your workplace earlier than usual does not guarantee you of an early rest at home because of the long queues at bus and train stations, and of course, the heavy traffic that you have to deal with, especially in Metro Manila. If you are willing to shell out extra cash for a more comfortable ride going home, you may now opt to take Uber or Grab, for which you would not have to fall in line. Uber and Grab drivers use Waze, which provides the best strategic directions to avoid traffic. Plus points, since they now offer Grab Share and Uber Pool to help customers save money with their apps.

    We try to be wise with our money. Some of us even invest part of what we have, but for most of us, the challenge is our limited time, so investing remains a plan. For those who are for the first time considering investing seriously, they would need to attend seminars first, fill out forms and submit many requirements. If you are among those, you can maximize the use of the internet for that purpose.

    Stock investing. You have to find and deal with a broker to invest in stocks. But now, with just a few clicks away you may do that through COL Financial. Aside from dealing in stocks, you now have a lot of other investment options that could serve your financial goals, such as investing in mutual funds and bonds, which you may access through its platform.

    When we make important purchases, we normally search and compare prices. It’s easier now to search products through the internet. However, there are some great platforms that offer free price comparisons that will help you save time and select the best product for you. For travel, you may use Trivago or Trip Advisor. For credit cards, personal loans and car insurance, you can use MoneyMax.ph’s comparison tool.

    Summing up all the great perks of technology available to us today, I am pretty sure you will be able to save money and maximize your time. We just need to be smart enough to know how we can use it to our advantage.

    Luis Tan Jr. is the marketing manager of MoneyMax.ph, a financial comparison website aiming to help Filipinos save money through diligent comparisons of financial products.


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