Atty. Frankie Cruz and Lt. Mike Nollora


NOT many readers may know who I mention in the title.

Frankie Cruz was a lawyer who just passed away in Negros while Mike Nollora was a PMA’09 alum, shot to death by the NPAs in Mindoro last Monday.

Diony Lopez, from Cadiz, Negros Occidental, texted me last Sunday: “Atty. Cruz was buried without ever yielding his honor to the Supreme Court. I wept.” I shared Diony’s pain and wept with him.

Human Rights lawyer Frankie (of the Free Legal Assistance Group) was suspended by the Supreme Court (SC) in 2005 for criticizing it; he wouldn’t apologize and so he was never reinstated. Frankie was Diony’s lawyer in a libel case decided, we thought, in a manner reflective of the local power situation. Diony had displeased the local poo-bahs.

The interesting Cebu Court of Appeals affirmed although the Solicitor General had sided with us. I had taken over by then from suspended Frankie. I went to the Supreme Court, which finally reversed the appealed decision on February 14, 2011.

Frankie was Diony’s lawyer until he was suspended indefinitely by the SC.

I tried to move for reconsideration in the SC in April 2011 but the tribunal denied it on July 5, 2011 (the year he turned 80). The case was Tacardon v. Ramon Ang, G.R. No. 159286, where he had the support of the Catholic Church led by Bacolod Bishop Most Rev. Vicente Navarra, Kabankalan Bishop Patricio Buzon, San Carlos Bishop Jose Advincula and many others.

In 2005, Frankie tried to ask the SC “whether the denial of a petition for review which [he had filed]. . . . was its work or only that of its clerks.” He had helped many poor and was a “pillar of justice of the Roman Catholic Church” in Negros Occidental. He was helping indigents, the worst losers here.

Another loser, Lt. Mike Nollora, was killed last Sunday by the NPAs.

The wailing for the Mamasapano 44 has not stopped. But, what about the Nolloras who get killed daily? Mike left a widow and two orphans. How many will donate despite the absence of publicity? No photo-ops. It is the right thing, to help those left behind.

The Mamasapano special operations troopers knew what they were getting into. Why has Manila not said anything about the Muslim, girl, Sara, 5, and her parents wounded when the troopers strafed their house?

Senatorial bet Gen. Getulio Napenas, arguably a Mamasapano loser, may be worthy of the Senate, as worthy as Mon Montano, who I voted for in 2010.

I was flabbergasted though to see the LP and UNA compete for Manny Pacquiao, for the Senate, whose relevant recommendation is House absenteeism. He should have his head examined as it has received too many blows. Also, the leadership’s.

Have we gone down this low in the Senate? From celestial heights to abysmal depths.

PNoy, who has said nothing about Joker Arroyo, blasted Bongbong, whose Lolo was executed by the guerillas in WWII. We know about Macoy who opened his Swiss account as William Saunders in 1968, and that the Supreme Court ordered the return by the Marcoses of ill-gotten wealth on July 15, 2003. Billions.

PNoy’s Lolo was charged with treason in 1946 in the People’s Court but an amnesty proclamation mooted the case. Lolo was granted bail by the Supreme Court, at 46. Even Mar’s Lolo, Prez Manuel Roxas, had WWII issues on collaboration.

The apos should not have their Lolo’s alleged sins visited on them of course but did Bongbong have to lie or dissemble about his nonexistent Oxford and Wharton degrees? Reminiscent of Macoy’s boast about his fake war medals and bar grade, higher than Florenz Regalado’s 96.7%.

Fruit never falls far from the tree.

Senator BB, talagang anak ka ng Tatay mo!

* * *

By this time, we know who won last night, between San Beda and Letran, in the NCAA. If Mendiola won, so, what else is new?


If Muralla did, boo-hoo, pero sigue lang, wawa naman, tagal na nilang dieta. Both teams merit kudos for a great series. I should’ve been there yesterday, if all would have gone well, again to be with my fellow billionaires, Manny Pangilinan and Manny Pacquiao. Nope, I didn’t get hit in the head.


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  1. Julio M. Domingo on

    I think the reason why LP and UNA were tripping all over to get world-record holder titlist in boxing and absenteeism in Congress, Honorable Congressman Emmanuel Paquiao in their senatorial lineup is because he has the millions to help their party in their sorties when election campaigning starts.

  2. Cecilio Chito P.Manayon on

    Loved that comment. Anak ka ng tataty mo!!!!!!!. Keep writing Mr Saguisag. Keeps my life within sanity. Go San Beda Fight!!!!