Audi breaches 1M-unit sales mark; US, China emerge as top markets


audi20131001AUDI AG said its sales have already surpassed the one-million mark in August as it had sold 1,030,450 cars in the first eight months of the year to customers around the world. The result is a 7.2-percent rise year-on-year.

Audi said it continued its growth trend in August with a 9.8-percent increase, or around 118,650 deliveries, with the tally rising sharply in North America (19.6 percent) and in Asia Pacific (22.4 percent).

“With double-digit growth, the US and China again take the lead in Audi’s positive performance in August. We are therefore well on track to reach our strategic target of 1.5 million deliveries this year,” said Luca de Meo, a member of the sales board at Audi AG. “In Europe, there is still a strong headwind in many markets. The A3 Sedan will be launched there beginning next week and will provide an additional impulse.”

In August, Audi said that high demand for its new three-door A3 and the A3 Sportback brought additional customers to the brand, with worldwide sales of the entire A3 family growing 16.6 percent year-on-year to around 14,150 units. Meanwhile, the Audi Q3—which will enter the US market next year—saw sales in August increase 45 percent to around 10,750 units while the Q5’s total went up 40.9 percent to around 19,800 units.

Audi said sales of its sedans also increased in August, with the notchback A4 growing 10.8 percent, or about 19,100 units, and the A6 Sedan by 11 percent to around 18,250 cars. Sales of the brand’s full-size models also grew substantially in August in the US, with combined total of the A6, A7 Sportback, Q7 and A8 models exceeding their year-on-year performance by 31.2 percent. Their share of total Audi sales in the US accounted for 35 percent.

With 3,845 SUVs delivered to customers, sales of the Q5 spiked last month in the US as well, or 91.6 percent, while car sales climbed 21.5 percent with 14,005 units delivered.

In Europe, Audi said the challenging economic development in many countries reflected in its results as sales were down 3.4 percent to around 46,100 units in August. Cumulative deliveries from the beginning of 2013 were also 2.3-percent lower year-on-year at about 490,450 cars. However, Audi noted that its performance was more robust than the market as a whole, and that it remains the leading premium brand in the region.

In China, Audi said its tally had reached more than 300,000 units in the first eight months of the 2013, with a cumulative increase of 19.6 percent to 312,683 deliveries since the beginning of the year. The brand said its sales in Asia Pacific was strengthened by Japan (12.6-percent increase to 1,935 cars) and South Korea (47-percent jump to 1,852 cars).


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