Audience stands to gain from continuing network rivalry



PLUS: Talent manager in legal tussle with female ward

Practically without much time to watch TV these days, Vignettes is behind in terms of getting the latest ratings of rival programs aired on ABS-CBN and GMA (except when published). All this writer knows since time immemorial, these stations subscribe to and have long partnered with two different ratings survey groups—Kantar Media for Kapamilya and Nutam for Kapuso.

But as far as GMA President and COO Felipe Gozon is concerned, he humbly announced—at the recent Christmas media party—the ratings supremacy of the network particularly on its primetime block, singling out the fantaserye Encantadia.

Curious, if not intrigued, we looked around—craned our necks even—to fish for reactions from our peers from where we were seated. There were blank expressions on their faces as there were nods of assent from the media, too.

Personally, we wanted to take FLG’s word. At the end of the day (pardon the cliché), it’s the audience who stands to gain from all this perpetually raging skirmish between the two giant TV stations.

GUESS WHO? Perhaps in the days to come (bet it won’t take weeks), a news story about an impending, bitter falling out between a talent manager (TM) and his female ward (FW) will stun local showbiz.

Before a small group of colleagues, TM poured out his grudges toward his artist over—yes, you guessed it right—a sizeable reduction off his manager’s commission from FW’s projects he has brokered.

TM told Vignettes that since their professional relationship began many years ago, he’d get the standard 20 percent commission from FW’s every project, be it film, or TV show, a commercial or other projects.

The latest that the TM had booked for FW was a multimillion-peso contract, but instead of getting his rightful 20 percent share the latter had only been issued a cheque representing a little more than one-tenth of his supposed gain.

“In fact, it seems I should even be thankful I got a small fraction of my commission,” the TM lamented.

“But what I wouldn’t take sitting down was when I received a letter from her lawyer stating, among others, that effective such date (in July as far as he could remember), I was constrained to accept any assignments or projects on her behalf. Naturally, naloka ako (I went nuts)!” he went on.

Admittedly applying the Biblical line “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” to his real-life experience, the TM immediately consulted a lawyer who in turn wrote the FW a letter saying that TM is still her legitimate manager, therefore, all business transactions as far as her career is concerned should be coursed through him.

So, what has gone wrong with the TM-FW partnership which local showbiz believed was a thing of forever?

The TM suspects that his FW’s hubby is—in all probability—dissuading her from keeping the professional relationship for reasons that the former hardly knows.

“I would just like to refresh her memory that not only have I acted as her manager, I have also stood as her father all this time yet I’m being (unfairly) treated this way? Oh, I don’t think I deserve this! There must be a proper venue to resolve this issue,” the TM said.

So far, the TM has brought the case to the attention of a concerned group whose members reportedly gave their word to back him up.

“With this group behind me, ewan ko kung saan siya pupulutin!” he ended.


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