Audio Nirvana with Devialet Phantom


People with discerning ears are always in a quandary on how to bring great quality audio inside their vehicles. Audiophiles who usually spend hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of their hard-earned cash in getting the clearest-sounding audio system in their homes are usually adamant in spending the same for their cars. Recently, a French audio maker released a super compact hi-fidelity wireless system that boasts of a frequency range from a low 16Hz of sub-bass to crystal-clear highs of 25kHz with maximum power output of 105 decibels – all encased in an elliptical dome, which can be carried easily from room to room and even a car. The system, which is made by Devialet, is called the Phantom Implosive Sound Center.

The Phantom is sure to impress enthusiasts, both visually and aurally, as it sports a cutting-edge design and the most advance technology in ultimate audio reproduction. The sound system hooks up to any modern-day audio source through Bluetooth or WiFi for wireless connectivity, or through an optical cable input for other audio sources. An audio router is available as an option allowing multiple Phantoms and users to be connected all at the same time. Power is provided through normal AC outlets or can be plugged through a power inverter when in a car.

Currently, two variants of the Phantom are available: the 750-watt model and 3,000-watt version.

The technology behind the Phantom is the use of a pressure-sealed chamber inside the system that activates the “Heart Beat Implosion” technology to drive the lowest of ranges and make sure to make it heard and felt by the listeners. The ultra-sealed device also makes sure that all the high notes are heard with complete details. The Phantom’s enclosure was scientifically designed to produce the ultimate acoustical quality from the speakers, which reportedly cost $30 million in research and development over a span of 10 years.

Music can be played through Devialet’s “Spark” application that can be downloaded online. Once connected, the application will allow users to play music stored on the device or through online streaming music. At present, the system only works with Deezer and Qobuz online streaming. Next to be added is Tidal streaming services.

The Phantom is modular to make interconnectivity a lot easier. Multiple Phantoms can be paired used together and can be set up in different rooms using one control. Volume and modes for each unit can be controlled from the app. Software updates will come out soon to enable users to support a 5.1 surround set up.

Listening to the Phantom was quite a revelation. We listened to a lone 3,000-watt model and it surely impressed. The room we were in was quite big for the unit (around 8 x 3 meters with doors opened and no carpet), but the bass was still omnipresent. With Pop music playing, you can feel the thump of the bass from almost all parts of the room. When acoustic music was played, the sound of fingers sliding over the metal strings of the guitar can be heard crisp and clear—truly amazing.

If this unit can perform very well in a big open space, what more if you listen to it inside the enclosed cabin of your car. I bet will be audio nirvana.

The price of the Phantom ranges from P90,000 to P120,000. It is available through AVDI in Edsa Shangrila Plaza.



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