• Australia police seize huge arms stockpile at farm


    SYDNEY: Australian police have seized more than 300 weapons, including military-style assault rifles, along with more than four tonnes of ammunition from a farm with three men charged on Thursday.

    The enormous stockpile was found at a sprawling property near Monto in Queensland and is believed to be the state’s largest ever such bust.

    “This is certainly one of the largest hauls of firearms, ammunition and weapons we have uncovered,” Detective Superintendent Jon Wacker said in a statement.

    “While some of the weapons were determined to be registered, a significant proportion of the guns were illegal, modified or converted in some way.”

    He added that the cache of 328 weapons was alarming “but it is pleasing to know it’s off the street”.

    The seizure included fully automatic rifles, including MP5 sub-machine guns and AK-47s, semi automatic weapons and handguns.

    “At this stage the investigation is in its infancy,” Wacker added on what the guns might have been used for.

    “These firearms are high calibre firearms. If they got into the wrong hands, they can certainly be used in a nasty way.”

    Two brothers, aged 42 and 46, and their 69-year-old father have been charged with one count of possessing more than 10 weapons and are due to appear in court on December 18.



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    1. Stanley Farmer on

      Who was harmed? There were three victims ” the gun owners” Shame on them for thinking they had the right to protect themselves.