Authentic Chinese flavors in a modern space


The authentic flavors of the Middle Kingdom have just invaded the country’s restaurant scene as No. 8 China House opens in Grand Hyatt Manila. Cantonese food lovers are in for a delightful treat as the restaurants’ seven Chinese chefs craft century-old recipes of authentic Cantonese fare.

Unlike any other restaurant in the metro, this fun and informal dining features best-loved Chinese specialties that are prepared by a team of chefs flown in from China, led by Masterchef Carson Luo, Chef de Cuisine of the restaurant.

The way to cook a traditional peking duck

“Guests will be astonished to experience first-hand how these dishes are actually prepared the traditional wa,” Grand Hyatt Manila general manager Gottfried Bogensperger said during its launch.

“Having resided in Shanghai for more than eight years, I have tasted a variety of Chinese food and I can say that the dishes prepared in No. 8 China House are as authentic as they get,” he added.

Taking center stage in the well curated menu is the Peking Duck. The palatable journey of a No. 8 China House Peking Duck begins as it is slow roasted for 60-minutes in a specially built wood-fired oven, with its flavor enhanced by using only fragrant mango wood as fuel. It is then carved tableside by expert chefs and served alongside traditional condiments such as delicate Chinese pancakes, cucumber, hoisin sauce and sugar.

“The beauty of an authentic Peking Duck dish is the manner of consuming it – knowing the right way to enjoy it defines if you consumed a roast duck or an actual Peking Duck”, said Masterchef Carson Luo.

Wok-fried king prawns with rice wine, black rice vinegar and honey

According to him, this meticulously prepared dish originated in Beijing in the early 1400s and has retained its integrity thru the careful passing of recipes from generation to generation.

“The best way to honor this classic dish is to eat it traditionally – just like how my ancestors ate it,” Luo added.

Similar to how it was back in ancient China, this delicacy is consumed three-ways. Served piping hot, the crispy skin that has been skillfully cut is served as first course, eaten after it is dipped in sugar to further enhance the flavor with the subtle caramelization. For main course, the tender and flavorful meat that has been trimmed is delicately wrapped in thin pancakes together with crunchy cucumber and a delicious serving of hoisin sauce. Lastly, the duck bones are then brought back to the table for guests to savor the tantalizing flavor of its deep fried perfection.

Braised codfish with ginger and garlic

Other delectables that are included in their menu are Chinese BBQ, Homemade Dim Sum and Cantonese seafood that are all prepared before the eyes of the diners in several cooking stations.

Also, the highlight of the restaurant is its interactive setting and atmosphere—a very modern space with show kitchens and live stations, reminiscent of the upbeat Asian hustle and bustle of China.

For a truly enticing Peking Duck masterpiece and artfully prepared traditional Cantonese cuisines, No. 8 China House opens its doors for Manila to enjoy the authentic flavors of China. The restaurant is located on the 5th level of Grand Hyatt Manila.


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