• Authentic Singaporean hawker food


    Guest Chef Paul Then Seh Chon’s experience in the kitchens of Singapore spans over 30 years

    Singaporean food has been making waves among Filipino foodies lately. Proofs are the Singaporean restaurants that continue to rise in the metro. The question is whether or not these restaurants serve authentic Singaporean hawker food.

    To give Filipinos a taste of true Singaporean hawker fare, Dusit Thani Manila brought in a team of Singaporean guest chefs for a week-long food festival last week at Basix All-Day Dining Restaurant.

    Led by Executive Chef Paul Then Seh Chon, whose experience in the kitchens of Singapore spans over 30 years, Basix buffet offered diners a full range delicious street food.

    Beginning with appetizers, there was achar, a dish similar to the Filipino appetizer atsara; Prawn Mango Kerabu salad; and Tauhu Goreng, deep-fried tofu with bean sprouts and cucumber drizzled with peanut sauce.

    Singaporean noodle and soup dishes comprised of the Bak Kut, a pork rib soup cooked with Chinese herbs and spices; and the Nonya Laksa, a spicy and creamy noodle soup topped with prawns, vegetables and egg.

    For the main dishes, guests savored comfort food like the Singapore Chili Crab, a sweet and spicy whole crab served with deep-fried bread called Mantao; Satay, skewered meat served with peanut sauce; assorted vegetable stew with coconut milk called Sayur Iodeh; and pork belly cooked with preserved soya beans.

    Completing the menu is the famous Hainanese Chicken, cooked the traditional way and served with coconut milk-based rice and chili sauce.

    Sweet street food endings came on a platter with almond bean curd with lychees, black glutinous rice topped with evaporated milk, and sesame rice balls coated with peanuts.


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