It is not only the media that President Duterte has seriously destabilized. It is not only journalists who are forced to scramble not only to be able to perform their tasks, but also to remain relevant. Mocha Uson, Thinking Pinoy and Sass Rogando Sasot are not just giving the likes…


LENI Robredo thinks that commiserating from New York would be enough. On December 22, weather forecasters already said that Tropical Storm Nock Ten brewing in the Pacific was going to become a full-blown typhoon with near-Category 4 winds and was tracked to enter the Philippine area of responsibility. Leni Robredo…


There they go again. Elitists are once again doing it all wrong, not in politics, but in the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF). One of the dominant lines which is being deployed in defense of the entries this year is that they are quality films, in contrast to the…


THE P8.3 billion infusion into Commission on Higher Education’s (CHEd) budget for 2017 should be seen as a trigger for a more rationalized look into tertiary education financing. This budgetary maneuver of transferring P8.3 billion from ARMM to CHEd is not the end, but hopefully a beginning to pass a…


CONGRESS has approved a budget that appropriates P8.3 billion to, in the words of CHEd chair Tati Licuanan, “remove tuition from the student’s expenses.” In short, beginning school year 2017-2018, all state universities and colleges (SUCs), including the University of the Philippines (UP), will no longer collect tuition fees from…


THE images from Aleppo in Syria are just too horrifying. Children maimed, hospitals bombed, people dying. What we have there is a government killing its own people simply because of what they are. We have seen so many like these in distant and recent history, in Armenia, in Rwanda, in…

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