ANTONIO P. CONTRERAS “BAYARAN,” or paid—this is the most common attack against someone who espouses a partisan view. This is particularly gaining more virulence in social media, where just about anyone who speaks passionately in defense or criticism of one particular political personality is considered as a paid hack, implying…


ANTONIO P. CONTRERAS THERE are many reasons why I hate Donald Trump. And one of these is that he forces me to argue that President Rodrigo Duterte is not Donald Trump. There are those who say that Donald Trump will be good for the Philippines. In fact, many of President…


ANTONIO P. CONTRERAS SOMETIME in the latter part of 2014, a young woman approached then House Representative Leni Robredo for assistance on a sensitive matter. The woman claimed that she had been raped by her own father who is an RTC judge. As the story would then be revealed, there…


ANTONIO P. CONTRERAS IT is wrong to deny the existence of the innocent casualties of martial law. But it is equally wrong to treat as innocent victims those who by choice took up arms and embraced the communist ideology. They are rebels with a cause, and are in fact freedom…


ANTONIO P. CONTRERAS THE punishment for pretending you are someone you are not, hoping that wealth and power can cover up for your inadequacy, is always a steep fall from an undeserved pedestal. No amount of support from Loida Nicolas Lewis can turn Leni Gerona Robredo into a statesperson that…


ANTONIO P. CONTRERAS #LENILEAKS exploded into our social imaginations. It affirmed the fact that social media is no longer just a venue for self-affirmation of people about their looks and their food. It is where you could rise and be famous through serendipity and tenacity, or fall on your stupidity.…

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