Spain, England, America and Japan occupied us for nearly five continuous centuries. We, in the Senate, ended our status as America’s last plantation in 1991. Do we soon start as China’s new banana plantation? Or Banana Republic? We have seen the contradictory pronouncements of Prez Digong and DFA Secretary Jun…


Traffic has become even worse under Digong, dictating the tempo of our lives. Or is it only me? Giving priority to Joker Arroyo’s first death anniversary last week in his Dasmarinas crypt left me no time for the Senate Centennial and a get-together for Steve Psinakis, who cares passionately for…


The President erred initially when he infelicitously mentioned 3 million Jews as Holocaust victims, putting to overtime work, again, the frantic office of Corrections, Recantations, Apologies and Palusots (CRAP). Hitler was behind the VW (my first car in 1971) but we don’t remember him for that feat. The Jews, vilified…


All that PNP top gun Bato de la Rosa and company had to do was use the Internet to find out the drug situation in Colombia. No need to junket to verify whether the hardline bloody policy has failed there (and indeed, all over, such as in Thailand). He would…


It is plain wrong to mark September 21, 1972 as the notorious Day of Infamy. For me it was just another day in the office. As head of the San Beda Free Legal Aid Clinic, I monitored from my Mendiola office a rally in Plaza Miranda, that Thursday, just in…


Last January 15, I wrote here: “In 1941, we were one huge US military base but America was Pearl Harbored into submission and mighty Uncle Sam could not defend us. Japan is now our ally against China, our World War 2 ally, which saved Col. Doolittle’s remnants after that daring…

Rene Saguisag


Prez Rody “Digong” Duterte replied to a question from Reuters on salvaging: “You must be respectful. Do not just throw questions and statements. Putang Ina, mumurahin kita [who else?] diyan sa forum na ‘yan. Huwag mo akong ganunin. Tell that to everybody. Itong mga kolumnista [I am one], para ba…


Prez Digong may be finding out that things are not as bad as his group was saying during the campaign; they are worse, such as in peace and order Jailbreak in Lanao. Killings that probably cannot be solved. Lack of money. Hidden pork (pork not toxic per se, in my…


Mike Varela, my Bedan campus contemporary and friend, is gone, at 76. Prayers, please, for one who got along well with everybody. Tactful DFA Secretary Jun Yasay does his darndest best to protect tactless Prez Digong from himself. Sabah/Malaysia and Scarborough/China are tough issues, let alone our relations with other…

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