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THE conjugal defense of plagiarism in the Philippine tourism ad campaign that is being assiduously circulated in the media should be turned on its head, lest plagiarism become standard practice in the Philippine advertising industry. This is how the worm of plagiarism infected tourism marketing in…


FIRST WORD I HAVE been watching BBC’s HARDtalk from way back when Tim Sebastian was still its host, and since Stephen Sackur took over the interview program in 2004. I thought and still think it is far and away the toughest interview show on television, daring to grill its titled…


First Word MY column on tourism marketing and nation-branding (“Three times, the DoT copied tourism campaigns of other states,” Manila Times, June 20,2017) has brought a harvest of letters from here at home and abroad. No letter has been more stirring than this note from Miss International herself, Gemma Cruz-Araneta,…


First read SOME people are transfixed by the feeling of “schadenfreude,” a German word that has been adopted by English and other languages because they have no word to describe what it denotes—“the malicious enjoyment of the misfortunes of others.” The Oxford English Dictionary formally listed the word only in…


First read THE intensive review of gambling policy and casino industry regulation in the country is the most significant and welcome unintended consequence of the tragic incident at Resorts World Manila last June 2. I take keen interest in the review because I believe it is vital that the Philippines,…

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