Authorities investigate Batangas oil spill


BATANGAS: Authorities on Friday were investigating the source of an oil spill along the shoreline of Calaca town here.
Philippine Coastguard, Philippine National Police, Bureau of Fire and Calaca local government officials trooped to Baclutan village to check on the oil spill measuring about two kilometers.

Seaman First Class Michael Sangangbayan of the Marine Environmental Protection Command of Coastguard Southern Tagalog Station said the spill also reached Salong village.

“A group of fishermen went to the Calaca municipal hall and reported that they saw brownish liquid floating on the bay,” Sangangbayan said.

Subsequently, local officials sought help from the marine environmentalist from the Coastguard together with the Bureau of Fire and Municipal Environment and Natural Resources of Calatagan to assess the situation.

Sangangdaan said Phoenix Petroleum Company, whose plant is situated at the said barangay, immediately placed an oil spill boom at their pier to contain the oil sleek.

The Philippine Coastguard, however said, the company had nothing to do with the oil spill after thoroughly checking its pipeline.

Phoenix Pollution Control Officer Lea Intia said the waste material gathered from the shoreline was banker oil which their company do not produce.

“We were able to collect at least two drums of mixed debris covered with banker oil and sea water, water lily and other trash along the docking bay and coastline” Intia said.

Local residents living along the shoreline, together with Philippine Coastguard personnel and Phoenix employees, conducted a clean-up operation by manually scooping the oil residue in the area.

Intia further said that they were able to contain the oil spill Wednesday evening.

Sangangbayan said that the Philippine Coastguard are still conducting an oil fingerprinting from the brownish liquid gathered from the sea and the oil sample collected from the vessels MV Hue-Sheng and MT Chelsea Thelma which were docked near the shoreline of Barangay Baclutan.

“The situation has been contained so there’s nothing to be alarmed of. This incident will have no effect in our marine life because sunlight and the waves will serve as a natural dispersant of the oil sheen,” he explained.

The Philippine Coastguard has yet to determine the origin of the oil spill pending the result of the oil fingerprinting.


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