• Aviation police steps up security measures


    Aviation police authorities on Monday encouraged the public to cooperate and provide relevant and timely information and to report anything suspicious that may jeopardize airport security.

    Aviation Security Group (Avsegroup) spokesman Chief Insp. Samuel B. Hojilla said the aviation police will enhance security measures in all airports following the EgyptAir flight MS804 plane crash that may have been an act of terrorism.

    Hojilla said the Avsegroup will also enforce all laws and regulations relative to air travel protection and “will not be limited in securing all the country’s airports against offensive and terrorist acts that threaten civil aviation.”

    Quoting reports from the Egyptian aviation authorities who strongly believe that a terror attack is higher than the possibility of technical failure, Hojilla said the Avsegroup will focus on intelligence monitoring and counter intelligence, and continue to conduct foot and mobile patrols.

    He added that they will continue to conduct anti-criminality operations.

    EgyptAir flight 804, which was carrying 56 passengers and 10 crew members, went down halfway between the Greek Island of Crete and Egypt’s coastline after takeoff from Charles de Gaulle Airport.

    Egyptian and Russian officials said it may have been brought down by terrorists.

    Special units from Avsegroup’s explosives ordnance disposal team have been deployed in strategic areas of concern as well as K9 explosive detectors at the terminals and parking areas.

    Police authorities also recommended x-ray machines to beef up security enhancement and that additional closed circuit television be placed at strategic places.


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