• Avoid southern Cebu, Americans warned


    THE United States Embassy in Manila on Thursday warned its citizens from travelling to Cebu, citing alleged threats of kidnapping by terrorist groups in some areas frequented by foreign tourists.

    In an advisory posted on its website, the embassy alerted Americans that abductions may be carried out in the southern portion of Cebu province, specifically the areas around Dalaguete and Santander (to include Sumilon Island).

    “US citizens should avoid travel to these areas and are reminded to review personal security plans; remain aware of their surroundings, including local events; and monitor local news stations for updates. Be vigilant and take appropriate steps to enhance your personal security,” it said.

    The embassy also reminded Americans of the most recent Department of State Worldwide Caution, dated September 13, 2016, “which indicates there is an ongoing threat of terrorist actions and violence against United States citizens and interests abroad, including the Philippines.”

    “Extremists have targeted sporting events, theaters, markets, mass transportation systems–including airlines, and other public venues where large crowds gather. Crowded nightclubs, shopping malls, buses and popular restaurants have also been targets,” it said.

    Americans should take preventative measures to ensure their safety and security while traveling and residing in the Philippines, according to the embassy.



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    1. It is not DU30’s fault. It is the US-Gov. and there masters behind the curtain causing worldwide problems. But you are right, muslims worldwide are on there insane and sick mission and bring nothing than misery and death to there own people as well.

    2. Well du30 has almost given the green light to anything against Americans. Please be patient while the US Expats move back to the states. Nobody wants to be in a home where they are not wanted. It has been very nice living here and wish everybody the best.