Avoiding common foot problems for moms


Everyday, hardworking moms are on their toes to make sure that the household is running smoothly and that the family members are at the pink of their health.

Unfortunately, moms oftentimes fail to pay attention to their own needs most especially when it comes to caring for their feet.

Beside giving their feet a pedi or a foot massage whenever their schedules can accommodate, moms usually rush to fit in whatever footwear they can find, failing to anticipate the harsh conditions their feet can encounter throughout the day—smoke belched from vehicles, excess dust from cemented pavements, or liquids from puddles during the rainy season.

These conditions can cause or trigger foot problems like calluses, corns, bunions, and heel spurs.

Prolonged walking in uncomfortable footwear and exposure to harsh environments can trigger calluses, corns, bunions and heel spurs

Calluses thicken and build up whenever feet become constrained by spaces during walking. Because of pressure and friction, the skin hardens and becomes flaky and dry.

Corns and bunions, on the other hand, develop alongside calluses and worsen the pain on the feet. A bunion, simply said, is a bony bump on the big toe. It begins to form when the big toe pushes against the toe beside it, forcing the joint to get bigger and stick itself out.

Heel spurs along with cracks develop from more intense activities like running or jogging, especially when these are done on hard surfaces like gym floors. Having poorly fit or badly worn shoes during these activities can cause excess stress on the heel bone, as well as its adjacent ligaments and small nerves.

The plantar fascia is the flat tissue or ligament that links the heel bones to the toes. Its role is to support the foot but once it gets strained, it becomes weaker and irritated.

This type of heel strain is called plantar fasciitis, usually caused by the ligaments exceeding its limit for support. When the ligaments are repeatedly strained, tiny tears may be caused and the damage can lead to pain and swelling in the affected area.

While these common problems can be treated or cut after they’ve developed, moms can always rely on the saying: prevention is better than cure.

Wearing specially-designed foot wear is arguably the best prevention out there.

Dr. Kong, one of the foot wear specialists in the country, offers foot wear with special support such as a Metatarsal Pad that allows the transverse arch to extend its support for the metatarsal head; with a Heel Cradle that increases heel contact to redistribute foot pressure; with Smart Footbed that absorbs shock and reduce the risk of plantar issues; and with Arch Support that reduces the stretches for the plantar fascia can help greatly.


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