Awesome donations to Yolanda reconstruction


(By Rick Ramos, Opinion, January 4, 2014)
Please note: The US government and its people have poured millions of dollars worth of support in terms of medical, technical assistance, etc. These sums more than surpass the UK’s donations. And remember, US is always there when the Philippines need help.
L rice,

With all these very generous donations, how can the donors be assured that all these go to the real victims of Yolanda typhoon? Apo Rick B. Ramos, could you also please do a follow up article on how the donations are handled or distributed to the proper recipients; in other words please expose to the world any hanky panky, corruption or such others in the handling of the overall donations to the typhoon victims. Please mention also the people in charge who did the right thing.
Don Licer,


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  1. Taxproinomaha on

    Direct donations to the victims eliminates administrative expenses and ensures the aid goes to the intended purpose. Only drawback is it is not tax deductible. The donees must be an IRS registered organization to be tax deductible. When a donation is tax deductible, the US Treasury is partly subsidizing the donation as it reduced the tax burden of the donor.

  2. I have faith in Mr. P Lacson as rehab Czar that he will attend to the transparency of all donations foreign and local be accounted for. However the crooks are always looking for a chance to pocket some of the donated goods and cash if nobody is watching. In 6-12 mos. we will see how the Czar and his trusted people are doing in their job. It would be interesting to see how this thing will pan out.