• Awesomely ‘Wicked’ moments


    Witness how the universal themes of good and bad come to life with the curtain finally rising on the Broadway and West End musical phenomenon Wicked. The award-winning production opened its Manila run on January 22 and has extended show dates to February 23 against a breathtaking backdrop at the Main Theater  of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Pasay City.

    Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz is based on the 1995 Gregory Maguire novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, a novel that tells the story of the villain originally created by  L. Frank Baum in his 1900 classic story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

    The musicale opens as the Land of Oz celebrates the death of the green Wicked Witch, with Glinda the Good recalling the story of Elpheba.  Essentially a story of friendship—and how that bond can change a person “for the good”—The Sunday Times Magazine brings you a peek into the grand production that has turned Manila green with awe, delight, and high with emotion.

    Meet the wonderful, “populer,” and “thrillyfying” characters of the theatrical masterpiece that is Wicked.

    w1“Dancing Through Life.”
    A handsome, young and carefree Fiyero arrives at the Shiz University and instantly becomes popular. The scene precedes Glinda’s not-too-good scheme to snag Fiyero with a series of calculated moves that involve a Munchkin named Boq; Elphaba’s beautiful, wheelchair bound sister Nessarose; and the green and good Elphaba herself.

    w3“One Short Day”
    The gifted Elphaba together with Glinda excitedly arrive at the Emerald City to finally meet The Wizard.

    For once, Elphaba, in all her green glory, feels she fits in.

    Essentially a story of friendship, Elphaba and Galinda become good friends in this extremely delightful and touching musicale suite, where the beautiful blonde gives her new green-skinned best friend a makeover, with a promise that like her, “Elphie” will become “populer.”

    w5“Defying Gravity”
    Now up there with the most classic and iconic musical theater moments in in history, Elphaba realizes that The Wizard was not the good man she thought he was and runs away from her once-idolized hero. Before parting ways, Elphaba casts a spell on a broom that will help her escape. In a powerful and tear-jerking climax, the Wicked Witch flies up in the air, defying gravity.


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