• AWOL Commander in Chief morally lied again. He should RESIGN


    AS expected, President B.S. Aquino immorally lied to the nation again yesterday early evening when at last he addressed the nation about the massacre of the PNP-Special Action Force detachments in Mamsapano, Maguindanao.

    He had for four days been the AWOL Commander in Chief of the AFP and the PNP since the combined force of the BIFF army and MILF regular fighters massacred the PNP-SAF commandos.

    All he uselessly did in his TV appearance yesterday was, in his speech, make very long narratives about why the PNP-SAF units had gone to Mansapano. He then reiterated those narratives in answer to every question he was asked. He was obviously trying to do the impossible–wash his hands of responsibility and accountability for the death of 43 PNP-SAF men and the wounding of 16 others.

    His speech was morally a lie. He told a very long story about the criminality of the Malaysian Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist Marwan and his MILF/BIFF-commander co-bombmaker and co-murderer Basit Usman. Then in the short press conference that followed he once again gave convoluted answers. At first he hid behind the notion that he could not reply to the question asked until the investigations were completed.

    He was finally asked “Who gave the go-signal?” He was asked this several times, after the first time when he tried to evade answering by repeating the same story of Marwan’s being targeted for arrest for a long time now. To avoid answering he recounted every crime Marwan had committed for which he deserved to be hunted down.

    The press people present were visibly exasperated. And the Malcañang officials looked awfully worried that their boss was again making an ass of himself before the world.

    Finally, he admitted that the military and the police had been giving him briefings and that he constantly advised them to make sure that they properly coordinated with the MILF but that coordination did not happen. “Hindi nangyari.”

    He said he couldn’t remember if he actually gave the go signal.

    But some people on the ground in Zamboanga before the massacre have been saying that Mr. Aquino was there waiting for the good news that the PNP-SAF operation against Marwan and Basit was a success and that he was waiting there precisely to crow about the capture or the termination of the two terrrorists.

    So, he was again talking from both sides of his mouth.

    He made much about honoring the 44 slain PNP men as heroes who were valiantly doing their mission of finding Marwan and Basit at the risk of being killed.

    But he was at the same time also blaming them for not having coordinated with the MILF.

    Asked for definite word about whether the peace process should continue in view of the untrustworthiness of the MILF, he emphatically said he did trust the MILF. Therefore he also said the peace process with the MILF should not be stopped.

    He was saying this after earlier having said that we all had to wait for the investigations to be completed before we could judge whether the MILF could be trusted since its fighters were really involved, together with the BIFF, in killing our PNP-SAF commandos.

    After the speech and brief questioning of BS Aquino by three press people, the reaction of almost everybody who made comments in the social media was negative. Filipinos who heard his speech and saw him on TV said they could see he was lying and washing hands of accountability when he had in fact authorized the PNP-SAF operation that got 16 commandos wounded and 44 commandos killed, some of them brutally mutilated.

    For this and for his and his people’s many other acts of criminal negligence, incompetence, hypocrisy and corruption, he should heed the call of the National Transformation Council to resign.

    The same call has also been made by left-of-center groups. Some are in fact asking for a People Power revolt to oust him.


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    1. B S Aquino ” matuwid n daan ” pero sarili mong paninindigan d mo maituwid…
      Di nman lulusob ang mga SAF n wla kang go signal,, kya nga may tinatawag tayong ” chain of command”..
      Para kang bading n putak ng putak sa kasalanan ng iba at puro ka hugas kamay, bakit di no gayahin si erap..

      ERAP once says ” anong peace talk peace?all out war ang sagot diyan”..

    2. TANGA at walang gulugod si Noynoy! Pinakawalang kwentang presidente ng Pilipinas. Kaya sa 2016, iboto nyo uli ang tanga at di karapat-dapat!

    3. So much had been said about this dumb president who continues to tell stories about how his father got killed and what his mother has done. This is his ploy, to re-capture the magic of his parents. But come to think of it, the Filipino people has repaid them so much, so much that it deserves to be paid back by good governance and not mere words. Puro double talk ang nakukuha ng tao. I am one with those who are calling for his resignation, (Pnoy’s), but I think this is a futile exercise. Perhaps a more drastic move should compel him to resign, such as a show of indignation by the people en masse.

    4. After everything had been said and done, our thoughts are to the families and survivors of this alleged misencounter and the whole grieving nation can only share the grief and the great loss of your loved ones.

    5. Quote”AWOL COmmander in Chief morally lied again. He should RESIGN. PNoy is indeed morally responsible for the death of 44 PNP SAF commandos and he will pay dearly for this debacle. After everything had been said and done, our thoughts are to the families and survivors of this alleged misencounter and the whole grieving nation can only share the grief and the great loss of your loved ones. This is now the time for the national govt. and MILF to review their commitment to to the resolution of a peaceful Mindanao and may both warring but reconciling parties should show now a genuine respect. sincerity and commitment that the BBL will be passed into law for the sublime reason that indeed the legacy and sacrifice of these 44 fallen PNP SAF heroes have not gone and forgotten in vain.”Unquote.

    6. I think he is the worst president ever. He takes credit for what other administrations did, he blames other presidents (GMA in particular) for the ills of the country, he cannot own up to bad decisions he made, he is tactless even in front of the Pope, he is a coward former President Erap seems to have more “balls and brains” than Noynoy.

      Makes me feel like Noynoy is not running the government and his “MINIONS” are.

    7. incompetent and a lying president is fatal to us filipinos. No less than the commander-in-chief himself must take FULL responsibility for this carnage of 44 deaths and several brave soldiers who were hurt in this clash. Salute to the fallen 44 heroes.

    8. Enero pa lang, pagkatapos magbigay ng nakakahiyang speech sa harap ng santo Papa, eto nanaman tayo. Hindi lang kahihiyan kundi buhay na ang ibinuwis ng mga tropa dahil sa katangahan ng presidenteng ito. Mahaba pa ang taon, Diyos ko maawa naman po kayo sa bansang Pilipinas!

    9. armando flores on

      We have a clear case of multiple murder publicly admitted to have been committed by the MILF/BIFF, a terrorist organization disguising as a rebel movement, in conspiracy with aquino who is the commander in-chief of our security forces. Those SAF policemen were entrapped and killed mercillesly. They must have been assured by aquino that the MILF/BIFF would not intervene because of the pending peace negotiation and of the billions of public funds the aquino administration has given to the MILF. Na traydor na naman ang security forces ng gobierno by no less than aquino and the MILF leadership. The justice department must file criminal charges against aquino and the MILF leadership and their members who participated in this carnage.

    10. Vicente Penetrante on

      There is no more command responsibility in the military. PNoy is at his ‘blame-game’ again.

      • yes Vic . . . he is not the commander in chief in the PNP…it is Purisima dictating the shots…poor Napenas!

    11. If it will happen that B. S, Aquino gets kicked out from his position, there should be formed a governing body to do the administrative power and not the vice president who is very much submerged in anomalies. Panay bulok kasi ang binotusan ng taong bayan. Kayak sa 2016 maging mapanori na sana ang mga botante. Hindi yong basta hinahanga-an siya na ang ibuboto. Mali. Kawawa ang bayan….hindi na maka alpas sa dusa.

    12. Yes pinoy resign na please.I can bear with binay till 2016.Higpitan lang natin ang pag bantay ng pera ng bayan.Total takaw naman halos lahat ng politiko.At least with binay matakaw nga pero may asenso.Eh kay pinoy walanang asenso patay la pa.Gawin kang pain sa MILF.

    13. A united PNP/AFP should make Aquino resign and then institute military control to hunt down the killers and bring law and order to all of the country. The people will back that takeover, if they promise to hold free elections in five years. It will take about five years to cleanse the country and put it back on the right track.

    14. dominic c.virginio on

      so full of lies & blamings on his speech.what kind of a leader & cabinet members the nation have . . . God Bless & guide Phillippines

    15. wow, hindi nya daw maalala kung binigyan nya ng go ahead ang operasyon ng pnp-saf. anong klase itong commander-in-chief??? pagkakatiwalaan mo ba itong commander mo kung ikaw ay pulis o sundalo na hindi alam kung binigyan nya ng basbas ang mga pinagutos sa iyo na gawin mo??? kitang kitang panloloko sa bayan ito. ano kaya ang gagawin ng mga pulis at sundalo pag nagbigay ng utos itong commander na ito????

      • what do you expect from an autistic president who is not only a certified idiot but also an inveterate liar?

    16. Sabi ko na nga ba nuon pa, kawawa ang Pilipinas sa ilalim ng isang “tangengot”. mag-resign na po kayo BS Aquino. Maawa na po kayo sa bansang Pilipinas.

      My outmost respect to the men who lost their lives defending this country. They paid the ultimate price. My condolence to the families left behind by those brave policemen.

      • Benigno Kuha-Ko, Akin-Na on

        ..di ba binigyan na nga sila na milyones…. Sa Japan pa binigay… at sa ibang lugar pa na hindi natin alam

    17. Had enough of this nutter?
      oh hes not done yet! theres more than enough to destroy, deceive, death and misery coming your way, THE ONLY WAY IS INTERVENTION AND DETENTION, like a mental patient. The whole country deteriorated and is suffering from his follies and fantasies. What does it take for 100million people to get rid of this loon? more dead bodies? you may be next….

    18. Bnoy should be resign because he has no ability to do the job of president. Why he continue the peace process between the terrorist bnoy has no delikadesa very clear that the milf do not like peace they like fighting firing gun then they shout Allah oh Akbar. According to Koran a true Muslim he must kill or get tax money to the infidel who are the infidel those non believer to their religion, so therefore Muslim die hard do not like peace to the infidel.

    19. His being president is a tragedy in itself. There is nothing else to hope for because this man has distorted sense of values.

    20. Yes – PNOY RESIGN NOW; RESDIGN NOW; RESIGN NOW; NO IFS OR BUTS. RESIGN NOW. Mahiya ka na man. Kung hindi ka mag RESIGN NGAYON TALAGANG WALANG HIYA KA. You are the worst, incompetent, stupid and slipshod President the Philippines had ever produced. Your “kapalpakan” is sobra na , tama na! RESIGN NOW. If he sticks to his job like a leech, then there is a NEED FOR PEOPLE POWER TO DRIVE HIM OUT OF THE PRESIDENCY. Will the blind “YELLOW MOBS” of the Aquino supporters join the crusade?

    21. He and Purisima were running rings around Roxas. This is Aquino at his best……bumbling. Roxas should be furious but he can not afford to be vocal. He is still waiting for Aquino’s blessing as a candidate. The administration is staging a play called Moro-moro. For those of you who are not aware what Moro-Moro is….it goes like this. In Zarsuelas of old, two protoganists with wooden sticks as swords would try to outdo each other. Both of them know the sequence of the strikes so no one gets hurt. The audience is always fascinated by such performance. “Moro-moro lang yan”.

    22. Tama po itong editorial, matagal ng pong nagsinungaling si ABNOY. KAYA ANG TAONG BAYAN AY DAPAT NG MAG “POWER REVOLT TO OUST HIM”

    23. BLOOD in His hands, this sitting president has the GALL to piece altogether a maze of Mumbo Jambo – only himself could UNDERSTAND. To absolve himself, Ochoa, and Purisima of complicity from this covert ops only themselves knew – making a fool of the PNP OIC, DILG boss – like they were NOT even entitled to know about the covert and secretive ops about to unfold – with the high expectations that these two wanted terrorists were about to fall – and to the horror of horrors – the bloody carnage by the cornfields of MAMASAPANO dawned on this unsuspecting president in waiting – by Zamboanga, with the perfect pretext of commiserating with those bus station bombing victims. Hail to the Makapili, Penoy Simeon da3rd!!!!