• #AyawSaDilaw (#NoToYellow)


    IT’s one day before the elections but it’s not too late to talk about #AyawSaDilaw (translation: #NoToYellow) which, according to the pro-poor group KADAMAY has been a hit as “netizens across social media expressed their disgust with the Daang Matuwid by using the #AyawSaDilaw which became a trend on Twitter.”

    Yes, #AyawSaDilaw is such a perfect antidote to the hypocrisy of “Daang Matuwid” which uses the color yellow in everything President BS Aquino thinks is supremely important, like the pin he wears. He has unpatriotically thrown away the pin of our National Flag and wears only his yellow flag pin.

    All, youth groups, women’s group, and pro-poor groups, like KADAMAY, have pointed out how (to quote the headline of Kadamay’s news release yesterday) “Aquino [is]pulling out all the stops to ensure win for Mar”).

    The story tells of how Kadamay has “slammed the President’s statement on uniting the majority as both hypocritical and desperate. Aquino called on presidential bets, especially Grace Poe to concede in favor of democracy prevailing. ‘Desperate times call for desperate measures. Noynoy has twisted the meaning of ‘democracy’ for his own agenda,’ said Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (KADAMAY) Chairperson Gloria “Ka Bea” Arellano.”

    Arellano continues her attack on PNoy thus: “Having seen Mar’s probable defeat in the presidential elections, the Aquino administration is pulling out all its dirty stunts. This has ended up exposing the Daang Matuwid’s obsession in keeping a stranglehold on Philippine politics.”

    The Kadamay release states that “reports have surfaced that several trained VCM (Vote-Counting Machine) technicians were suddenly relieved from their post by Comelec only to be replaced by new and untrained technicians.” These are of course assigned to make sure that the machines yield a Mar Roxas win.

    We the citizenry should be vigilant and do all we can to monitor what is going on in our precincts and report any anomaly we witness.

    Meanwhile, we should at the same time use PRAYER, and call on God Almighty to send His angels to fight the devil who is obviously the ally of the Liberal Party, Malacañang and Messrs. Aquino and Roxas in getting what they want by hook or by crook.

    Here is a prayer for tomorrow’s election.

    Lord God Almighty, You have allowed us Filipinos to hold elections as a means to choose our national and local leaders and lawmakers. But we have not always been your faithful children in making our choices of whom to vote for.

    This time, Lord, give us stronger guidance. Let us see with your eyes the merits of each candidate and vote with your wisdom.

    And, Lord, there are forces of evil who wish to subvert the will of your people and change the results. Lord please frustrate the efforts of these evil forces and make the true will of the people come out.

    And please continue to give our democracy your blessing and make those who emerge as our elected leaders always obedient to your will.

    Make them leaders who will serve you by serving the people and caring for the interest of our nation, ministering to those who are most in need in our population, and selfless in their devotion to the duty of governing our country well and honestly.

    We ask this through Jesus Christ Your Son and our Lord.


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    1. Amen! Let there be an honest counting… And may Your hand touch the heart of those people who planned to twist the result of the election. With your help Lord, may the people’s choice be heard loud and clear. May those who lost,accept it with all honesty and release their blessings to those who won. InYour Name we pray, Amen! ????☝?️☝?

    2. By all account P(ab)noy will move heaven & earth to make Mar & Robredo win tomorrow. If need be, He will exhumed his parents and Jaime Cardinal sin to call the faithful. On the second thought he doesn’t need to do that all he could simply do is use the Vote-Counting Machine to let Mar & Robredo win. know what i mean?

    3. Enrie M. Bobafilla on

      For those who will “force” to win in whatever way including cheating. Beware:

      Acts 5:39, But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop them. You may even find yourselves fighting against God.

    4. Joseph Encarnacion on

      That’s right Lord. Let Grace Poetry & Leni Robredo win on monday. Amen