• Azkal Anton foresees win in Peace Cup, Suzuki Cup

    Anton Del Rosario CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

    Anton Del Rosario CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

    Azkals team captain Anton Del Rosario believes that the Philippine men’s football team has the edge to rule the upcoming 2014 Peace Cup on September 1 to 9 in Manila and the 2014 Asean Suzuki Cup in November.

    Del Rosario, who joined the Azkals in 2003, said that the team is united like a family and have a solid core of players up to the challenge of every tournament they’re participating.

    “I expect nothing less than winning,” said Del Rosario. “All of us are athletes and winners. We have a solid squad, and we’re united as a family. These two components are necessary for a team to win. I believe we can win the title this year of Peace Cup and Suzuki Cup.”

    “I don’t like saying we will win, but I will say we all want to win.”

    Del Rosario’s personal preparation for the match includes adhering to a dietary and conditioning program to make him fit and strong. He is brand ambassador of C-Lium, natural psyllium fiber, which is part of his dietary regimen. “Since football is practically year round I tend to get in a routine and try to eat as healthy as possible.”

    “Since I am consistently playing I fuel my body with carbohydrates and proteins through pasta, veggies, and meat,” Del Rosario added.”

    Del Rosario said that the training of the Azkals for Peace Cup and Suzuki Cup starts on Monday.

    “Training for the Peace Cup begins Monday, but for me it began a few days ago. I am recovering from surgery seven weeks ago so I’m trying to be 100 percent once camp begins. All this is preparation to the big Suzuki Cup.”

    Del Rosario’s younger teammate Misagh Bahadoran supported the team captain’s observation, saying that the Azkals have improved a lot since American Tomas Dooley replaced German Hans Michael Weiss as head coach early this year.

    “The team looks very good so far with the presence of new and young players,” said Bahadoran, who recently recovered from a knee injury. “I’m 100 percent okay and fit now. If ever the coach considers me, I’m 100 percent healthy and ready to play.”


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