• Azkal Etheridge to launch goalkeeping school


    Philippine Azkals shot-stopper Neil Etheridge will launch his goalkeeping school at the Manila Polo Club in Makati City in June.

    The NE1 Goalkeeping School, first launched in 2015 will feature sessions personally handled by Etheridge.

    Etheridge has been a mainstay of the Azkals since 2008 and was with the team’s historic campaign in the recently concluded second round of the joint World Cup and Asian Cup qualifiers.

    Etheridge, coming off a successful debut of his school, now looks forward to another year of teaching the basics of goalkeeping to the next generation of local booters.

    “Last year was extremely successful with students and to some extent myself going into the unknown and all of us coming out triumphant. I believe it helped because every student was able to take away something new; if it was becoming a better goalkeeper, a better person, making new friends or becoming fitter,” he told The Manila Times.

    Etheridge started his career in pro football with the then English Premier League squad Fulham FC. He has played for six different clubs since then.

    “My performances this season have been great at club level and you can see for the Azkals how much I have improved, so I can safely say that this year will be even better than last with so much more I can give and pass on,” Etheridge said.

    Etheridge said that his students would undergo new drills this year to help improve their hand positioning and footwork.

    “Without giving too much away, there will be new drills that I have learnt and one thing especially I am going to add this year that has helped my game massively this season to become one of the best keepers in the league here on England.”

    Etheridge also said that he would be back in the country come the international break in June.

    “I will be back in Manila for the internationals the Azkals will have in June and then straight from there to work on the school. Time off for me is limited but I love everything I do and have been blessed that the school has come through and I am able to work on it again this year,” he concluded.


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