Azkals hold off NoKor to scoreless draw


The Philippine Azkals held off North Korea to a 0-0 draw on the latter’s home turf, the Kim Il-Sung Stadium in Pyongyang, during the second round of the Asian leg of the 2018 World Cup qualifiers on Thursday.

Despite several raids led by North Korean Pak Kwang Ryong, the Azkals’ defensive trio—Amani Aguinaldo, Jerry Lucena and Luke Woodland—stood their ground with solid defense nullifying their foes’ every attempt to score a goal.

Woodland almost scored a goal before the halftime but his header off a corner sailed wide as the match entered the break with a scoreless deadlock.

Misagh Bahadoran was sent in to fortify the offense of the Azkals during the 46th minute for Iain Ramsay but either the Philippines or North Korea was able to tally a mark before the 90-minute mark.

The Azkals’ unbeaten win-loss-draw record now improved to a 2-1-1. They will next face Bahrain for the second game in Manama on October 13.


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  1. The PEMISE: To call the Azkals the Philippine National Team is totally ridiculous. These “imported” players all carry their father’s last names and they are NOT Filipinos. This is an insult to the Philippine national pride for which Rizal, Bonifacio and Mabini died for.

    It is unfortunate that 3 centuries under the Spaniards, and then the Americans have created this colonial psyche among the Filipino people. If you are light skinned (i.e. mestizo) and half European, you are automatically on top of the food chain and social ladder. To look like one, it is a good idea to bleached your skin and have a nose job. You could easily be a movie star, without talent, or even be elected President, without intelligence. It is about time that the Filipinos get rid of this psyche. Pacquiao is far from being a handsome dude, but he’s a real Filipino and makes the Philippine proud.

    Soccer is the most popular sports worldwide, better than basketball. It is the best sports event to showcase national character, i.e. that the Philippines is proud of its own people. If you are going to lose, might as well lose with pride, with our own guys, with Filipino last names. Forget about these imported mestizos from Europe. Checkout the Thailand soccer team, mostly composed of Thailanders with Thailand’s last names.

    Some of you will say “the mother is a Filipina”, it is not the same. Ancestry (also European royal blood) is traced through the father and not the mother. We all carry the last name of our father. Check the Azkals’ birth certificates. The only reason why they play for the Philippines is because they will never be included in their own country’s national team. Example. David Alaba has a Nigerian father and a Filipina mother, but lives in Austria. How come he plays for Austria and not Nigeria or the Philippines. Of course, Austria is ranked 11, Nigeria-52, Philippines-134. He’s not stupid. Also, he could easily changed his citizenship and play for Germany-2, since he’s very good and plays for Bayern Munich. The good ones try to move up, while the bad ones move down.

    Some of you will say that “the Philippines should be lucky and thankful that these imported players are wasting time, money and effort playing for us.” These players wanted World Cup exposure to greatly enhance their soccer careers. If you are lucky enough to score 10 goals in the World Cup qualifiers, regardless of the team, could be the Bahamas-208, Real Madrid could be knocking at your door the next day. Any soccer player will do whatever is necessary to be part of a national team vying for the World Cup.

    Most IMPORTANT point: The last time I checked the Azkals’ roster and call-ups, there are at least 11 players with Filipino names and they look like Filipinos. I bet there are 11 more Filipinos locally, who can play good soccer and should be part of the team.

    I hope this help purge this colonial psyche. Filipinos are equal, if not better than the Europeans. Europe have big problems right now. Filipinos are better off than the Greeks, Spanish, Portuguese and Italians. These countries owe so much money, in the billions, and Europe have no idea what to do with all those immigrants from Africa and the Middle East (some of which could be future terrorists).