• Baby backpack: A convenient way to carry small children


    Baby backpacks are different from regular baby carriers in the sense that instead of holding the baby carrier to chest, parents place it on their backs.

    When a parent goes out for shopping, or travel in public transport, it becomes very inconvenient to push the strollers. A baby backpack can rule out any sort of inconveniency.

    These backpacks are an ideal way to keep a parent as well as a baby at ease while commuting. That’s because these bags, unlike regular carriers, lift the weight of toddlers from the parent’s chest.

    Patapum baby backpack PHOTO FROM AMAZON.COM

    Moreover, the baby can easily view the happenings around, get more attention and will be assured that he or she is closely attached to mom or dad.

    However, parents must use baby backpacks only when a baby is over six months old—when he or she is ready to support the head on his or her own.

    Baby backpacks are made of soft smooth fabric but there are several varieties of such backpacks available in the baby shop. In this category, three popular types of baby backpacks are hot in the market:

    Hosa Chunei: An updated form of Korean podegi (or backpack), it includes an ultimate torso carrier, which can put good deal of baby’s weight on a parent’s shoulder. It also has an option to be used as a front baby carrier.

    The advantage of this type of backpack is that the baby is wrapped safely in a seated position. Such sort of design allows the baby’s weight to distribute evenly on wearer’s upper body, thereby reducing the pressure from shoulder areas. Moreover, it prevents dangling of legs and allows blood circulation to take place properly.

    Kozy Carrier Mei Tai: Another popular type of baby backpack that is extremely comfortable as well as versatile. The design of this carrier is inspired from Asian baby carriers (mei tai). A parent can wear this baby backpack on his or her back, side or in front.

    Patapum Baby Backpack: A good baby carrier that includes an option for head support as well as drooling pads, which matches the print fabric.

    With that, buy a baby backpack and commute safely with babies freely.

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