• Baby steps for Baste Duterte’s showbiz foray

    Sebastian Duterte with girlfriend Kate Necesario PHOTO FROM FACEBOOK.COM/PTVPH

    Sebastian Duterte with girlfriend Kate Necesario PHOTO FROM FACEBOOK.COM/PTVPH

    A day after the inauguration of President Rodrigo Duterte, The Manila Times bumped into the lucky lady who snagged the management of the new “crush ng bayan,” the Chief Executive’s youngest son Sebastian. Yes, he’s the man who gives the nickname “Baste” a hot and whole new meaning.

    Reported in June by Manila Times Entertainment, veteran showbiz manager Betchay Vidanez landed the goldmine of plotting the 28-year-old Davaoeno’s pending showbiz career upon the recommendation of action star Robin Padilla. Padilla, a staunch supporter of Mr. Durterte’s candidacy, actively campaigned for the winning bet, spending a lot of time with Baste in out of the country sorties like Hong Kong.

    As showbiz’ Binoe (Padilla’s monicker in the industry) saw how the down-to-earth mestizo (Baste’s mom—Zimmerman is of German descent) naturally magnetized the crowd, he convinced Baste to join his own manager’s stable of talents.

    That the President’s son agreed should come as no surprise. As the nation know by now, Baste is the only Duterte among elder siblings Sara and Paolo who shunned running for office, instead choosing to manage his own auto repair shop while surfing and singing as front man in local rock band on the side.

    Apparently, somewhere along the way of amassing thousands of fans and followers on social media during his father’s campaign, Baste realized he may just be bound for stardom.

    According to Vidanes, however, the President’s son is heeding the call of showbiz for more “altruistic” reasons.

    “He’s neither going into acting nor singing,” she told confided to The Manila Times. “Endorsements lang muna kasi gusto niya yung talent fee ilagay sa isang foundation to help the poor.”

    Adding that Baste is still very shy despite being the obvious public favorite among his siblings, he also outlined the kind of products he will be willing to represent, as well as the concept of the ads he would have to shoot.

    “Walang liquior or any of those macho products that go well with a surfer/rocker image,” Vidanes continued. “Ang dami nang offers [from consumer companies]actually, but we’re being very careful [given he is a member of the First Family]. Meron na kami napili but top secret muna!”

    As to what will be required of him artistically, Vidanes said Baste wishes to be shown in ads—whether photographed or shot for TV—as naturally as possible.

    “Ayaw niya yung masyadong staged, kung puwede nga daw yung parang sinusundan lang siya ng camera,” Vidanes said.

    With these baby steps the President’s son is taking as he soon begins his foray into showbiz, what is “natural” is sure to prove exciting nonetheless. For wh else can wear a lip ring ever so naturally, clad in a barong Tagalog in Malacañang Palace no less, but Baste Duterte? Now that’s hot—whether in showbiz or politics.


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