Ford’s Pregnancy Suit is shaped, weighed down to simulate nine month old pregnancy.

ACCORDING to Ford, the comfort and safety of drivers and passengers are topmost in its agenda when it designs its cars, and that it puts special emphasis on the well being of pregnant women.

Now how does the car maker go about designing car cabins that are safe and comfy for expecting mothers? Surely it cannot be insisted on that the Ford personnel involved in the process all be pregnant, right?

Ford’s solution is its “Pregnancy Suit,” a device worn by the carmaker’s engineers and designers which allows them to experience and understand the driving constraints women face while pregnant. The Pregnancy Suit has a protruding “belly” weighted by inserts, a six-pound pouch that applies pressure to the bladder, and compartments for water and ball bearings that mimic mild fetal kicking.

“Ford makes it a point to listen to all our customers’ needs and wants in a vehicle, especially expecting moms who value safety,” explained Anika Wycoco, assistant vice president for communications at Ford Phils. “The Ford Pregnancy Suit is a great asset to showcase how Ford uses smart technology to build high-quality vehicles, while always putting customers top-of-mind and highlighting safety in every drive.”

Wycoco added the Pregnancy Suit had prompted Ford engineers to make necessary design changes in Ford models, and the new Focus is among which that benefit expectant mothers. Wycoco cited changes like the position of the car’s “walk off,” the height of its roof, design and comfort of the seat bolsters, and the positioning of the steering wheel.


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