Back on radio, ka-tropa


I’m back on radio. Well, before I tell you more about it, let me just share to you how I started this broadcasting thing.

In the early 2000s, while I was an infotech columnist for the Lifestyle section of the then Manila Standard, I was invited by my long-time friend Mona Nieva, who herself already an established broadcaster, to co-host a radio program called RadyoCyberPinoy.

We broadcasted the radio show on Radyo Magazine or DZRM 1278kHz, a radio station owned and operated by the government under the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) located along Visayas Ave. in Quezon City.

On weekends, Mona and I talked about everything under the information technology sun, so to speak. There were no social media back then. A smartphone costs more than P50,000. Broadband Internet connection was still a dream for most people. Techies were using Palm Pilots. Wi-Fi was still a concept. Microsoft just released Windows XP. Apple was about to release the 1st generation iPod. And text messaging was king. Those were the days. Although those days were already high-tech.

On the show, and since weíre broadcasting on the AM band, we tried to bring infotech to the masses. And believe me it was hard. Hard in a sense that because most technology terms and definitions are in English. It was quite a feat to deliver them locally, and for people to easily understand what we were talking about on air. And we tried.

Hoping that we got the message across.

Just to mention here: RadyoCyberPinoy was not the first radio program to tackle IT. Veteran tech journalist Edison Ong used to have a radio gig over at DWFM Joey 92.3mHz (now Radyo5) called ITonAir. Guesting in his program actually inspired me to do radio as well. Sharing what I know about IT to people listening on radio. So, I simply grab the chance when it came in.

Unfortunately, RadyoCyberPinoy lasted only less than a year. But it was a great experience for me to be on radio, which I always wanted to do again.

Several years later, after handling Tech Times here at The Manila Times, I transferred to TV5 to lead two sections at, a leading online news portal. And since TV5 also operates Radyo5, a top FM radio station, my good friend Lourd de Veyra invited me to co-host with him on certain days when he used to handle the early evening primetime slot.

Together with another friend, Boojie Basilio, we co-anchored Tech Tuesday and Tweet Thursday with Lourd on his 7PM radio program called Sabi Ni Lourd. And that lasted for several months until primetime radio became a heavy daily load for our host, who is already handling several daily shows in the broadcasting company. Needless to say, we had to say goodbye to SNL.

Nonetheless, radio opportunity once again knocked at my door. This time it was an invitation from another friend, Maricel Burgonio, a former colleague at The Manila Times and who used to handle the business news at News5. Immediately, I accepted the role she offered without hesitation.

So again, I’m back on radio. This time itís on Katropa Radio DWDD 1134kHz. This is the AFP radio. Yes, AFP as in Armed Forces of the Philippines. And since itís another government-owned radio station, providing my services there is more like my very own “CSR”. That said, I’ll simply continue my mission I started at RadyoCyberPinoy.

As part of the AFP modernization program, and under the guidance of Maj. Mike Aquino, the station manager, along with top DWDD people Aileen Intia and Maricel, the station is now offering a variety of new radio programs that would cater with the changing times.

Iíll be broadcasting every Tuesday at 8PM on RetroTuesday, and Fridays, also at 8PM on TekiPinoy, with co-anchor Paolo Montecillo.

While, popular local tech news website will have its own slot called Newsbytes On Air and will be hosted by its managing editors Melvin Calimag and Marlon Magtira on Thursdays at 11AM.

Aileen and Maricel, on the other hand, will have their daily morning show called Tropa starting at 6AM. While Maj. Mike has his own Profiles on K-Jam, every Monday at 11AM.

For those AM radio-deprived people, the daily programs are available via U-Stream at, while double-D online properties include Twitter: @katropa_dwwdd, and Facebook: dwdd1134. On the DWDD website, news and information are provided by the AFP and PNA, along with other news articles from and


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