• Bad move by Revilla


    Whoever advised Sen. Bong Revilla to sue pork barrel scam whistleblowers Benhur Luy and Merlina Sunas may be aware of what’s legal and what’s not, but apparently knows next to nothing about public perception.

    Revilla is one of the 38 people facing plunder complaints in the P10-billion Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam. The lawsuit is seen as an attempt to delay his prosecution. Instead, he comes across as just another school yard bully who is using his power and his position to stifle the voices of small people.

    The Office of the Ombudsman, however, has not yet filed a case against any of the 38 before the Sandiganbayan. It may take a few more months before such action is taken, if it is taken at all.

    There is no need to presume Revilla innocent until proven guilty because he has not even been charged of any crime at this time. It may be possible that the Ombudsman may opt not to file plunder charges against him, in which case the senator from Cavite would have needlessly damaged his own reputation.

    Moreover, Revilla went beyond the norms of reason when he asked the whistleblowers to return the P502 million from his PDAF to his office.

    Why doesn’t the actor-senator just demand that Luy and Sunas be publicly tarred and feathered for daring to name him as having misappropriated his pork barrel?

    Being the better known of the two, Luy has never publicly stated that Sen. Bong Revilla personally received commissions or kickbacks from his pork barrel allocations that were forwarded to the ghost non-government organizations set up by Janet Lim-Napoles.

    Revilla insists he is innocent of any wrongdoing relative to the PDAF scam. He argues that his signatures were forged by the Napoles-controlled NGOs. If this can be proven, then Revilla will come out of this mess smelling like a rose. He may even revive his dream of becoming vice president, or even president.

    In suing two small players, however, he has already stuck his neck out. Surely he knows that Filipinos always root for the underdog. In fact, most of his hit movies have played on this theme.

    Bong Revilla can still salvage his reputation by publicly announcing that he is withdrawing his case, and is forgiving Luy and Sunas for linking his good name to the scam.

    The year is drawing to an end. For showbiz folk, this means one thing. The Metro Manila Film Festival will soon be holding its latest edition. For the past many years, no Metro Filmfest is complete without a Bong Revilla movie, every one of which turns out to be a hit at the box office.

    Revilla may be in for a rude awakening if he decides to join the annual film festival this year, and see how his popularity has waned dramatically. His entry may attract more flies than paying customers.

    All because his public persona has suddenly shifted, from a defender of the oppressed to an onion-skinned politician who thinks nothing of throwing the kitchen sink at two hapless whistleblowers.


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    1. If Senador Bong Revilla feel or not really involved in the PDAF scandal, he won’t be bather if this investigation regarding this matter is resolved or he is really involved.? I wish he knew when he entered politics that this is a dirty business that involved everything. We all know that politicians are the worse offenders of the laws and not the ordinary people. So there’s nothing to worry for him until the case is finish because he knew for himself that he is not guilty……does he? Just asking.

    2. Where there is smoke there is fire. The fact that the denial of wrongdoing is slow in coming from the three senators named by the whistleblowers in the Napoles plunder case is already an admittance of their guilt regardless of their upcoming denial and actions against the whistleblowers.

      The sooner the three named senators come up with proof of their innocence the sooner will public perception of their guilt will go away. As it stands common sense dictates that the three named senators are guilty as charged regardless of the smoke screen that they are putting up to deflect the public attention to the charges against them.

    3. Ang yabang nitong Bong Revilla na nito. Ang tunay na “PANDAY” ay tagapagtanggol ng mga naaapi… hindi nang-aapi.

      Bakit hindi si Janet Napoles ang kasuhan mo? Siguro takot ka kay Napoles… baka mabulgar ang tunay na kulay mo!!!

    4. NOW. SHOWING:


      Starring Torotot, Pogi, Tanda, Bobo, Kriminal, Bugoy
      and the corrupt-free cast you saw in Corona Trial

      On Location shoots at Malacanang,Senate,Congress
      with assistance from COA, DBM, LP
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      Produced by: Drilon Abad Pnoy Productions
      looting the public is our business

    5. Only Bong Revilla and his family believes that he is not guilty, unless you are a Bong Revilla fanatic. Revilla should not have jumped the gun on this issue. Now he is exposing himself too much which is entirely unnecessary. In fairness and no one believes that only Bong Revilla, Jinggoy, Juan P. Enrile and the rest of the oppositionists are guilty. All of the legislators other than Joker Arroyo and Pink Lacson are cleared, having not availed of their Pork. Therefore all of them are suspect but only the three are PNoy’s target. Not even JPE who is a topnotch lawyer is keeping silent. Bong Revilla should have done the same. Revilla is ill advised by his lawyers.

    6. And what else do we expect from Revilla. What he should do is to prove that he is innocent and not to sow terror to this two penchants who were there just to prove that he was among the beneficiaries of Napoles 50% returns of their PDAF if it was given to her NGO’s. What he should do is to dispprove it in court. What he was doing is to scared the two whistle blowers so they keep their mouth shut for implicating him.

      Ah. Mr. Revilla.. your movie showed you are the depender of the opprssed, but in real life, you are nothing but looks at the oppressed as were they were all beneath your wings.

      Hope you go to jail till the rest of your life.