Bag it all up


Getting around Manila can be challenging. It pays to equip your loved ones with a sturdy bag that can last rain or shine. For daily commuters, Pacsafe Citysafe backpacks are long lasting and has anti-theft features, which is a must especially here in the city. For people who are travelling out of town this holiday, Akaba Alumno Knapsack is the perfect size to fit all your belongings. With extra pockets, you can avoid having bulky backpacks. You don’t only get to purchase a heavy-duty bag; you also support and empower local craftsmanship and entrepreneurs.

Tote bags are plain, versatile and easily accessible. It is the ideal size to fit all your everyday belongings. For people trying to channel minimalist vibes, here are the basic yet stylish totes to bring along. Oxygen and Globe 0917 Stranger Things are every teenager’s favorite brands of tote bags, affordable and can be purchased at any store easily.

Akaba Isabela and Mahal Kong Pilipinas tote bags can be your go-to bags, crafted with the finest pieces of materials at an inexpensive price. Plus, they also match any outfit without hassle. In addition, it may interest you to know that Akaba bags are also social enterprises supported by the BPI foundation that will help to expand and nurture homegrown businesses.

Gift women who prefer traveling light with these Citysafe wristlet wallets with extra compartment. Unlike normal wallets, you can fit your essential lippies and compact powder in these. A small and simple detail on the wristlet wallet makes it look chic and classy.


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