• Bagatsing slams Erap, Moreno on privatization of public markets


    REP. Amado Bagatsing of the Fifth District of Manila slammed Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada, Vice Mayor Isko Moreno, and the majority block of the City Council, for adding to the difficulties of vendors. He was referring to the privatization of the city’s public markets. The Quinta Market in Quiapo had been demolished and now under renovation, displacing hundreds of vendors. “It seems that the agenda of Manila City Council and the Executive Office are no longer for the people’s welfare. They are not exercising due process. The sad reality is that the very people who are supposed to protect the people are the very same officials who are defying the system for their personal agenda,” Bagatsing said.


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    1. Manila Public Markets on

      Very well said, Ms. Jenny V. And to JRT, you do not have a right to judge things that you don’t even understand. I have witnessed how things work in the process of the privatization of these markets, which they hide by using the word joint venture. Obviously, there is a foul play in acquiring of the contracts. It may be hard to prove, but soon, the truth shall prevail.
      And as of the discipline issue, JRT, any of your concerns with regards to following the rules and ordinances, it is very clear that your mayor and his councilors has to go back to the basics. They do not follow due process in any way they do ordinances.

    2. If it is going to improve the city and at the same time improve the revenue of City of Manila, why not? Government officials need to tough on vendors who do not follow rules or ordinances.
      It is clear that Erap and Moreno are beautifying the city of Manila and should be lauded for their effort. Let’s not make the city of Manila like Bombay, calcutta, bangladesh, Mexico , etc.
      I believe we have to discipline our people and if they don’t then they will suffer the consequence.

      • JRT sana nga their goal is to improve the city not their pocket or bank account. In the first place the vendors who misplaced on that market are the legitimate vendors in Quinta Market. Meaning these people are paying their rentals, tax in local government. There is no questions in beautifying or I should say improving and development of the market in the city pero sana these market, including San Andres Market, Sta.Ana Market, and Pritil Market will not sell to big and greedy companies/people like them (erap, Isko, and majority bloc of the Manila city council). Kung kaya naman ipagawa ng city, why not d ba? And you are saying that “to improve the revenue of the city.” The annual income of San Andres Market and sta.ana market na pinapasok sa kaban ng bayan under the management of the City of Manila Is about P4M and P3M, Pagkatapos nung I privatize under the contract ang ibabayad lang sa kaban ng bayan is about P1.4 M lang monthly, tapos itaas pa ang fee ng mga malilit na vendors sa mga market from original na P40/day to P260/day. Ngayon sino ang talo at sino ang kumita? Sana before you make comments, you should study the background of the project. Or maybe you are one of the few friends and kamag-anak na nakikinabang sa kinikita ng Mayor , Vice Mayor of Manila now and the majority bloc of the city council? Or maybe u r one of the people of the contractor who’ve got the P315 million project for a single market only. Well…I can’t blame you. Kung sa bagay, elections are almost there, klangan nila ng budget for their campaign. :)