Baguio City launches ‘Juan Tireless Day’


BAGUIO CITY: The local government through the City Health Services Office (CHSO) recently launched an anti-dengue program dubbed “Juan Tireless Day” to help in destroying breeding grounds of dengue-carrying mosquitoes in the households in the Summer Capital’s barangay (villages).


Dr. Donabel Tubera, CHSO Medical Officer IV, said that under the program, members of the district health and sanitation teams in the villages will visit households in their areas of jurisdiction to look for unused and stored vehicle tires.

Health workers recently identified tires as one of the major breeding grounds of dengue-carrying mosquitoes because of their ability to store clear and stagnant water.

The tires will then be collected by members of the teams and placed in a staging area where a certain company will buy the good ones at a price of P50 to P100 per tire depending on its condition while the bad ones will be given away for free.

Tubera said funds generated from the sale of the tires will be used by the district health and sanitation teams to implement environment and sanitation projects that will strengthen the city’s anti-dengue campaign.

The “Juan Tireless Day” program was launched and headed by Dr. Edna Tabooy in the Lucban district where the district health and sanitation teams were able to initially collect 236 tires from the households in the 24 villages.

According to her, the CHSO is targeting some 1,400 tires so that they will have a significant impact on destroying the breeding grounds of dengue-carrying mosquitoes in the households.

Dengue fever has become a year-round illness because of the ability of dengue-carrying mosquitoes to thrive in either dirty or clear and stagnant water that are stored in various containers inside the houses of people living in the different villages.



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