BAGUIO CITY: The City Council approved on third and final reading a proposed ordinance mandating a drug-free workplace in the Summer Capital and drug testing by all offices of the local government, including the offices of its 128 barangay (villages) and providing funds for the purpose. The ordinance authored by Vice Mayor Edison Bilog states that the local government recognizes the threat posed by drug abuse to the community and its specific effects on the workplace, including among others, decreased productivity, increased accidents, absenteeism, lapses in performance of assigned tasks and criminality. It seeks to absolutely prohibit use of dangerous drugs in and outside the office by all officials and employees of the city and those of the 128 villages without distinction as to rank and employment status or salaries. The ordinance shall cover all stages of employment. It states that drug testing shall be done by any government forensic laboratory or by any of the drug-testing laboratories accredited and monitored by the Department of Health. According to the ordinance, random drug tests may be done without prior notice of the date and venue of such tests on select employees chosen by a workplace assessment committee until all officials and employees have undergone the tests.


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