Baguio dads ask DepEd to preserve Teacher’s Camp


BAGUIO CITY: After learning from undisclosed sources that the historical Teachers Camp aims to develop as a mall, Baguio City Councilors Elmer Datuin and Richard Cariño asked the Department of Education and the Heritage Conservation Society to preserve historic Teacher’s Camp as a heritage site.

In last Monday’s regular session by the Baguio City council, both local legislators authored a resolution asking the DepEd and the HCS to preserve Teachers Camp. The camp was declared a heritage site in 2005 by a Baguio City council resolution along with the Baguio Central School the oldest elementary school in Baguio. The councilors expressed alarm over information that there is an ongoing plan to privatize Teachers Camp and developing it into a mall.

The education department owns and manages the Teacher’s Camp facility.
In their resolution, the two councilors stressed that, “We need to preserve Teacher’s Camp as a heritage site due to its great historical significance and it is one of the remaining rare sites here in Baguio City.”

The councilors also said that developing the area into a mall may be beneficial but the expansion will surely alter the time-honored settings of Teacher’s Camp.

The camp dates back as far as April 6, 1908, when then-Gov. William Pack requested W. Moran Shuster of the Public Instruction Department to set up an area where teachers could meet.

Since then the historic area became an annual gathering site for teacher’s conferences and gatherings as well as the main training area for teachers nationwide under the auspices of the DepEd.

The 105-year-old camp has also been a favorite vacation spot for tourists due to its American era-inspired facilities and pine-forested area.

Teachers Camp was also used by the Philippine Military Academy during their trainings in early 1900.


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  1. My mom and dad were both teachers and the first time I went to Baguio, we stayed in this facility. My parents were so proud to be teachers because they are part of the respectable Educational Institution which they belong to. Both of them were educated by the Americans. We need this momonument for their unselfish efforts to educate the masses.

    Let’s dedicate this Teachers’ Camp for the benefit of the unsung “teachers”/heroes of today and yesterday. My parents loved this place because they visited this place several times when they were active public school teachers. A part of their vacations was staying at Teachers Camp, and sometimes we tagged along.